The Daily Digest (State Fair starts, Cravaack town hall, Bachmann on Forbes 100 list)

Gov. Dayton attends the Minnesota State Fair today.

Dayton will honor three environmental projects at the Fair.

The State Fair is prepping for severe weather safety.

Under the Dome

Dayton focused on jobs during a listening session in Fergus Falls. He didn’t offer any new initiatives but listened to suggestions from local residents. WDAY and the Star Tribune have stories.

American Crystal executives and union negotiators will meet today in the hopes of ending a lockout.

The U.S. Justice Department says the main contractor for the Hiawatha Light Rail falsified claims about how much work was going to disadvantaged businesses.

St. Paul Schools give Superintendent Valeria Silva up to $40,000 to move from Woodbury.

More than 17,000 low-income Minnesota homes have been weatherized using stimulus funds Congress approved in 2009, the state Department of Commerce said Wednesday.

MPR takes a look at the property tax debate.

Fees increase for some museums and historical attractions.

Minneapolis joins craft beer mania.


The CBO projects the federal budget deficit to drop to $1.28 trillion this year.

The Deficit panel is setting rules for how the panel will operate and to determine a meeting schedule.

The U.S. may back a refinancing plan for millions of homeowners.

DFL Sen. Al Franken will be on MPR’s Midday today at noon.

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack met with constituents in Duluth. MPR and the Duluth News Tribune have stories.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar visited an Alzheimers research center in Rochester.

Some members of Minnesota’s congressional delegation aren’t holding any town hall forums during the August recess.


Former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s book will be out next week. The New York Times got an advance copy and writes this review.

Tidbit: The Washington Post’s Barton Gellman wrote a fascinating book on Cheney. It’s a solid read.


Rebels target Gaddafi’s hometown.

NATO forces are helping look for Gaddafi.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs steps down.

Race for Congress

The PoliGraph says a DCCC ad that rips GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen leaves out some important details.

DFL state Sen. Tom Bakk says in an op-ed that he’s not running in Minnesota’s 8th.

More than 100 CEOs promise no campaign donations.

Race for President

Forbes Magazine says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is the 22nd most powerful woman in the world. Here’s the write-up:

The tough-talking, steely-eyed Minnesota congresswoman has her sights set on the Oval Office. She officially announced her candidacy for the 2012 Republican nomination in June, making her one of a handful of women to run for U.S. President on a major ticket. The Tea Party favorite voted “no” to raising the U.S. debt ceiling, wants to repeal “ObamaCare” and is opposed to same-sex marriage, despite having a gay stepsister.

Her Christian and family values–she and her husband Marcus homeschooled their five children and raised 23 foster children, all teenage girls–have earned her loyal supporters. However, she has so far battled questions ranging from her legitimacy to her migraine headaches and her therapist husband’s controversial counseling methods.

Bachmann is holding a town hall today in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Bachmann is slumping in a recent national poll. A new Gallup Poll says Bachmann is polling at her lowest level since June. Texas Gov. Rick Perry has stormed to the top of the poll.

The New York Times also writes about the “Bachmann bubble” – a reference to the Bachmann campaign’s effort to keep a tight leash on the reporters covering the campaign.

Rick Perry is vying to be the front runner.

Mitt Romney faced a rowdy town hall in New Hampshire.

Eight of the candidates will attend a debate in California.

Romney won’t attend a Labor Day forum in South Carolina.

  • Jamie

    MPR’s coverage of the Cravaack town hall MEETING (they’re not “town halls”, they’re town-hall meetings) was favorable toward Cravaack. MPR showing its conservative/Republican bias once again.