The Daily Digest (Dayton to kick off jobs tour, Bachmann confuses Elvis dates and Boehner raises $ in Wayzata).

The economy tops the Digest today. There are worries that growth in Germany’s economy was at a virtual standstill over the past three months.

Fitch Ratings kept its rating of U.S. debt at AAA.

Under the Dome

Gov. Mark Dayton will kick off a jobs tour in Fergus Falls on Friday.

Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius requested waivers from two portions of the federal No Child Left Behind law.

MPR says regulations are inconsistent when it comes to Bed and Breakfasts.

Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature are criticizing the Dayton Administration for taking federal money to set up a health care exchange. The Dayton Administration says it’s following state statute.

Dayton spurns a plea for a smaller, three lane Stillwater Bridge.

The Pi Press says despite genetic evidence, a DNR search for Asian Carp turns up nothing.

The Star Tribune says thousands of Minnesotans who are aged or disabled (or both) will have to go through another round of budget cuts.

MPR says the state has doubled the cost it requires counties to pay to incarcerate sex offenders.

The DNR drafts a plan to study the decreasing moose population.


President Obama pushed his ideas for the economy during a bus tour of Iowa.

He offered measures to help Rural America.

An EPA plan could spur big rate hikes in North Dakota and NW MN.

The military joins a push for increased use of biofuels.

President Obama extended the U.S. stay for Liberians for another 18 months.

Minnesota’s airports get more than $1 million for improvements. DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and DFL Sen. Al Franken are mentioned.

Interesting read

A New York Times op-ed by political science professors at Harvard and the University of Notre Dame says polling shows the Tea Party is less popular than Atheists and Muslims. The group has been studying the Tea Party since 2006.


Two Wisconsin Democrats kept their state Senate seats despite a GOP effort to recall them. Democrats picked up two seats after the recall elections but the GOP still holds the majority.

Race for Minnesota Senate

The gay rights groups OutFront Minnesota and Stonewall DFL are backing DFL Rep. Jeffrey Hayden in the special election to replace DFL Sen. Linda Berglin.

Race for Congress

House Speaker John Boehner will be in Wayzata today to host a fundraiser for his campaign, his PAC, the NRCC and the Ohio GOP.

Race for President

President Obama and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will speak at an American Legion conference in Minneapolis later this month.

Obama blasted GOP “rigidity” in an interview with CNN.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is skipping the Florida Straw Poll.

Bachmann played up the rhetoric against illegal immigration and criticized Warren Buffet during a speech in South Carolina.

Bachmann confused her Elvis dates. The self-described fan of The King wished Elvis a Happy Birthday on the anniversary of his death.

Bachmann’s spokeswoman also confirmed that Bachmann didn’t attend her family reunion over the weekend but insisted her comments were consistent.

Stan Hubbard, who was backing Tim Pawlenty, says he’s now backing Bachmann.

Politico says the GOP is still looking for new candidates.

AP says Rick Perry is loose with the lips. How, you ask? Two words: “Adios Mofo.”

NPR says the Texas economy was growing long before Rick Perry took office.

Tim Pawlenty earned $342k from his book and $242k in speaking fees.

  • It’s gaffes like the Elvis comment or John Wayne mixup that validates all skeptics. Bachmann is not Presidential material.

    Bachmann not the Candidate

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Elvis dates? Adios, mofo? Slow news day? Most interesting tidbit is that linked study confirms Tea Party racism and Tea Party overriding concern of “putting God in Government.”.

  • Jamie

    Ralph, where is the link on Tea Party racism and god in gov’t?

  • Jamie

    // says polling shows the Tea Party is less popular Atheists and Muslims //

    Huh? This doesn’t make any sense. Are there some missing words or something?

  • Chris

    If only Bachmann had checked Elvis’ birth certificate.