The Daily Digest (Obama tries to reconnect, Bachmann worth $912k and NFIB charges for Cravaack event in Duluth)

President Obama visited Cannon Falls, MN yesterday to kick off his three-day, three state bus tour. The president used the trip to urge voters to tell Congress to start working to pass legislation that will help the economy.

MPR says Obama is using the bus trip to kick off his reelection campaign. The effort is meant to humanize a president who has low approval ratings while demonizing Congress for the political gridlock in Washington D.C.

You can listen to Obama’s opening comments here.

President Obama will meet with farmers and business owners on the second day of his tour.

Republicans held a rally outside of Obama’s town hall to demand to know “Where are the jobs?”

Race for President

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann campaigns in South Carolina today.

Politico reports Bachmann didn’t attend a family reunion that she cited as a reason for being late to a fundraiser in Waterloo.

Bachmann also listed a farm in Wisconsin as a source of income even though she said she and her husband didn’t own it. She was criticized in the past for taking federal farm subsidies.

Bachmann’s economic disclosure statement says she’s worth at least $912k.

Roll Call says Minnesota’s Congressional delegation is not rushing to back Bachmann. GOP Rep. John Kline and GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen were backing Pawlenty. GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack is undecided.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke’s efforts to stabilize the economy are “treacherous and treasonous.” He also said they would treat Bernanke “pretty ugly” down in Texas. Several Republicans called the comments inappropriate.

Perry is also taking his first jabs at Mitt Romney.

Romney touted his business experience during an event in New Hampshire.

Politico’s Roger Simon says the media is unfairly ignoring Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s campaign.

Ron Paul released an ad swatting at Perry, Bachmann, Obama and Romney.

Under the Dome

The disappearance of the Market Value Homestead Credit could raise property taxes.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman proposes a 6.5% increase in the property tax levy.

The bridge construction in Hastings is delayed a year because of the government shutdown.


A soldier from Fosston, MN was killed in Afghanistan.

CBS News is reporting that the Pentagon is looking at the military’s retirement system as a cost savings measure.

Politico is reporting that GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack is taking heat for charging $10 per person meeting in Duluth. Update:The NFIB is charging for the event. Cravaack’s spokesman, Michael Bars, won’t say whether Cravaack will insist that the event be open to the public.

DFL Sen. Al Franken will spend part of his day in Eden Prairie and Carver County.

Race for U.S. Senate

GOP political consultant Vin Weber says Pawlenty will be back in politics but it won’t be to challenge DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Final Thought

The oldest survivor of the Bataan Death March died at 105.


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  • Ralph Crammedin

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke’s efforts to stabilize the economy are “treacherous and treasonous.”

    Republicans running for President have now divided themselves into two groups: Extremist Nutjobs and those who wish you to believe they’re Extremist Nutjobs.

  • Could someone put in context the Bachmann Personal Financial Disclosure form … I believe Brett Neely did a nice summation for the other members of Congress in June … the question : What has changed since the previous report … is she now reporting income for the family farm that was not acknowledged before … thus should she amend her previous PFD (she has done that in the past).

    Second, any word on Raymond Cravaack’s PFD … it was due on May 15th and he has been granted two extensions since then.

  • Would someone ask Mike Hickey at NFIB for a comment on charging for luncheons.

    On July 19, NFIB Area Action Council Meeting With Special Guests Sen. Carla Nelson and State Rep. Duane Quam in Rochester as the featured luncheon guests … the fee was $10.

    Last year, Erik Paulsen was the featured guest at a NFIB luncheon at Interlochen Golf Course (that’s probably spelled wrong as I am not a golfer but you probably know which club I mean) and the lunch was provided.

    I wonder if this is a restaurant / local chapter question …

    IF Raymond Cravaack does not get any monies but instead the $10 goes to cover the meal and room, that seems fair to me.

  • Jamie

    It may be a fair idea to charge for a provided lunch, but people shouldn’t have to pay anyone or any organization to meet with their Congress members. And the lawmakers shouldn’t call the meetings anything like “town-hall meetings” and they shouldn’t pretend that they are having anything like public meetings.