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Around Minnesota

The new federal health care law includes big loans to encourage private groups to form insurance co-ops. But the model may not succeed in the Minnesota market.

Gov. Mark Dayton spoke at Farmfest.

Minnesota Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon has been named to the executive committee of the National Lieutenant Governors Association.

Candidates continue to file for two special elections.

A new law that allows alternative teacher licensure has gone into effect.

Here’s a look at how the new state budget will affect property taxes.


The debt deal is done, but that doesn’t mean the drama is over.

Cravaack says voting against the debt plan was a difficult decision. His vote gets mixed reviews in the 8th district.

Today’s Midmorning show will explore how the debt ceiling deal will affect conservatives in the 2012 elections.

The Race for President

The Associated Press checks in on Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s Iowa campaign.

Pawlenty announces his Iowa chairs.

The Iowa Republican reports that some of Pawlenty’s Iowa consultants are working for the American Petroleum Institute’s Iowa Energy Forum. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign jumped on the news and Pawlenty’s campaign is pushing back.

The Des Moines Register points out that one of Pawlenty’s ads features supporters wearing Iowa Energy Forum t-shirts.

Pawlenty says that the new debt ceiling bill is like treating a serious illness with aspirin.

The Miami Herald says that influential Floridians are backing Pawlenty.

Palin praises Bachmann for voting against the debt ceiling bill.

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