Pawlenty took $342k in book deal, $242k in speaking fees

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was doing more than campaigning during his failed run for president. Pawlenty, who dropped his bid for president on Sunday, filed his income and financial holdings with the Federal Elections Commission today. Pawlenty disclosed $714,635 in assets over the past year which included his $121,260 salary as governor, $342,000 in royalty payments from his book, ‘Courage to Stand’ and $242,000 in speaking fees. Pawlenty also listed more than $450,000 in assets like retirement funds.

Pawlenty hasn’t said what he’ll do next. MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton is lobbying Pawlenty to run against DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar in 2012. Republican political strategist Vin Weber, who chaired Pawlenty’s presidential campaign, says he thinks Pawlenty won’t challenge Klobuchar but could run for the U.S. Senate or governor in 2014.

Here’s the full report Pawlenty filed with the FEC:

8-16-11 Report

For those wondering, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann has filed an extension for her report.

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