Pawlenty drops out of the race for president

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty ended his campaign for president this morning, just hours after finishing a distant third place in the Iowa Straw Poll. Pawlenty had said earlier that he needed to have a very strong showing in the poll in order to give his campaign a boost, but had not explicitly said that he would need a win to keep campaigning. A lot of political pundits were expressing that sentiment.

Pawlenty said on ABC’s “This Week” this morning that he thinks he would have made a great president, but “obviously that pathway isn’t there.”

Pawlenty said he offered voters “a rational, established, credible, strong record of results,” based on his two terms as governor of a largely Democratic state. But he says voters apparently were “looking for something different.”

Pawlenty had spent a great deal of time and resources courting Iowa Republicans for much of the past two years, but he was eclipsed by the other Minnesota entrant in the race, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, who won the straw poll last night. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas came in a close second.

  • Chris

    Well, I guess I overestimated the guy. I thought he’d at least make it through the Iowa caucuses.

    All I’ll say by way of eulogy is that I remember an Almanac political panel back in early 2003, where Gregory Gray was one of the DFLers. With a minute left on the show, Eric Eskola asked a question that was something like, “Do you think Pawlenty could make it to the White House some day?” Gray’s response was, “He’s a bright guy, but he’s gonna get his comeuppance.”

    That answer has always stuck with me over the years because it had a ring of a deeper truth to it but I kept waiting in vain for it to happen. I never thought it would be Michele Bachmann who would eventually deliver the comeuppance.

  • danno

    Pawlenty’s delusion persists. He still doesn’t realize that a ‘smart mouth’ and a ‘smart brain’ do not necessarily coexist in a person. His Obamneycare remark was a recent example; he did not have the smarts to back it up. His frequent sarcasm in dealing with DFL legislators revealed his immaturity in a big way, I think Jesse and Rukavina called him out as accurately as anybody. Hopefully, his public forum to tell outlandish lies about his resume has disappeared along with him.