Paulsen goes to Israel

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen is visiting Israel this week. His spokesman, Tom Erickson, says Paulsen is part of a congressional delegation that includes 80 members. He said the American Israel Education Foundation is sponsoring the trip and it’s the only country Paulsen will visit.

Paulsen is also writing some comments about his trip on the blog, TC Jew Folk. It’s mostly a play by play of the first day of this trip.

I’m excited to have arrived in Israel this afternoon. I will try and provide some updates and thoughts on my meetings periodically.

There’s lots happening here, as always. In fact, it was characterized to us on my bus ride to Jerusalem, these are not only interesting times (because they’re always interesting here), but these are also unusual times. Unusual because of the 8 months of the Arab Spring, which is seeing “the street” engaged in democratic decisions in these countries. A first for these countries that have been run by dictators.

Paulsen also said he was briefed on an Israeli missile defense system and mentioned the recent protests in the country.

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