MNGOP cancels teacher meeting

From MPR’s Tom Weber…

The Minnesota Republican Party has canceled a meeting that was scheduled to take place tonight with GOP-leaning union teachers.

The teacher organizing the effort said his goal was to create a group to represent Republican members of the traditionally Democratic-leaning teachers union Education Minnesota. MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton says he inquired further about the meeting after MPR News contacted him about it yesterday… and that’s when he says concerns came up.

“One of the people involved with this was very insistent that it only be public school teachers and union members,” Sutton said. “It really raised some concerns for me because I think there are a lot of teachers in charter schools and private schools that should be part of this, if we do something like this.”

Sutton says he’s not sure if the meeting will be rescheduled. The union isn’t formally tied to the effort but advertised the meeting on its website, and a spokesman said it aligns with outreach efforts to its Republican members.

The teacher who was organizing the effort, Tom Schoper – a teacher in the Glencoe-Silver Lake school district – declined to comment on the cancellation.

  • Eric

    A Republican teacher? Thought the GOP would meet with them? Sounds like they need a refresher course in “how to recognize when someone doesn’t want you around”. Lesson one: when they demonize you, that’s a hint.

  • Rich

    I would point out to Eric and others that, to my chagrin, Education Minnesota has endorsed the GOP candidate for the state House in two of the last three elections in my suburban St. Paul district.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Republican teachers? I hope Mr Schoper’s specialty isn’t history. Gullibly trusting fools of his ilk were dubbed (apocryphally) by Lenin as “useful idiots.”