Krinkie is pondering U.S. Senate or 6th District bid

Former state Rep. Phill Krinkie said he’s considering a run for U.S. Senate next year, because he doesn’t think either of the current two Republican candidates can mount a competitive race against incumbent Democrat Amy Klobuchar.

Krinkie is a small business owner and the current president of the Taxpayers League of Minnesota. He said he’s concerned about what’s going on in Washington. The current GOP challengers to Klobuchar are Joe Arwood and Dan Severson. Krinkie said he is far from making a decision about running, but he’s confident about his ability to mount a strong campaign.

“Can I raise the money? A daunting task, but I think I have enough credibility and enough moxie to go raise the funds necessary to give a competitive race,” Krinkie said. “But again, don’t get me wrong here, just because I think I can doesn’t mean I’m going to jump off the bridge into the water and do it.”

Krinkie said he would also consider running for Congress in the 6th district, but only if incumbent GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who’s currently running for president, does not seek re-election. Krinkie lost an endorsement battle for the seat to Bachmann in 2006.

  • danno

    I know he signed the no-tax pledge and I think he belongs to ALEC. Two automatice disqualifiers for any job requiring an open mind (as opposed to an empty head). Please remember the state shutdown and the events leading up to and following it before you elect a tax protester to public office.

  • Minnesota Central

    Phil Krinkie would be an excellent candidate for US Senate … that does not mean that he would mean, it means that he could offer the most polished alternative to Senator Klobuchar. He would also be a very formative challenger.

    Yet, the odds may not be in his favor as it is generally difficult to beat an incumbent.

    Which may be the reason that he has not announced yet … waiting for Ms. Bachmann to relinguish her seat. Krinkie should be a shoo-in for the Sixth District … so waiting is in his best interest … especially since there is no other prominent Republican clammoring for the Senate slot.