Iowa pastors line-up behind Bachmann

With the Iowa Straw Poll barely a week away, Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is touting a list of more than 100 Iowa pastors who are backing her candidacy.

“Many of the evangelical leaders offered support after hearing her testimony and witnessing how her faith guides her strong leadership on critical issues such as marriage, life, and the overbearing impact of government policies on the family,” the press release states.

One of those leaders is Pastor Brad Cranston.

“Michele has fearlessly taken a stand for life and traditional marriage, while championing fiscally conservative legislation,” he said.

Bachmann’s faith is at the fore of her campaign. Political analysts say it will help her woo the same conservative Iowa voters who lined-up behind 2008 GOP candidate Mike Huckabee, a former pastor. Huckabee surprised everyone by coming in second in the 2007 straw poll.