Franken on Bachmann winning the GOP nomination: “I hope so.”

DFL Sen. Al Franken appeared on MPR’s Midday today to talk about a wide range of issues facing Congress and the nation. Near the end of the broadcast, host Gary Eichten asked Franken whether he thought GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann had a legitimate shot at winning the GOP nomination for president.

“I hope so,” Franken joked. Franken appears to be in the camp of Democrats who believe that Bachmann’s candidacy would give President Obama an easier path to the nomination because Bachmann is too controversial to attract moderate voters.

“So you would like to see the Congresswoman be in a position where she could become president,” Eichten asked.

“Ok, now I’m having second thoughts,” Franken joked.

Franken said he likes Bachmann as a person. He mentioned that Bachmann attended Franken’s Hot Dish cookoff in January and they both attended several funerals for military personnel.

“We have laughed together, we have cried together. I like her,” Franken said. “I disagree with almost every stance she has.”

You can listen to the entire show here:

(NOTE: An initial post quoted Franken as saying he “disagreed with every stance” Bachmann has. I updated the blog to accurately reflect Franken’s statement.)

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