Forbes: Bachmann is 22nd Most Powerful Woman in World

Forbes Magazine says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is the 22nd most powerful woman in the world:

The tough-talking, steely-eyed Minnesota congresswoman has her sights set on the Oval Office. She officially announced her candidacy for the 2012 Republican nomination in June, making her one of a handful of women to run for U.S. President on a major ticket. The Tea Party favorite voted “no” to raising the U.S. debt ceiling, wants to repeal “ObamaCare” and is opposed to same-sex marriage, despite having a gay stepsister. Her Christian and family values–she and her husband Marcus homeschooled their five children and raised 23 foster children, all teenage girls–have earned her loyal supporters. However, she has so far battled questions ranging from her legitimacy to her migraine headaches and her therapist husband’s controversial counseling methods.

Bachmann is the top elected official from the United States on the list. German Chancellor Angela Merkel tops the list. Several members of President Obama’s Administration, including Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius and Margaret Hamburg, also rank ahead of Bachmann.

Bachmann, who is running for President, is in her third term in Congress. She represents Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.

She won the Iowa Straw Poll earlier this month but the victory doesn’t appear to have given her a bounce in the polls. A new Gallup Poll says Bachmann is polling at her lowest level since June. Texas Gov. Rick Perry has stormed to the top of the poll. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are also ahead of her in the national poll.

The New York Times also writes about the “Bachmann bubble” – a reference to the Bachmann campaign’s effort to keep a tight leash on the reporters covering the campaign.

As to Minnesota’s 6th District, MPR reports that Bachmann’s presidential campaign activities make the future of her congressional seat uncertain.”

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Who takes seriously a list that puts Bachmann 30 places before Nancy Pelosi and, for that matter, 39 ahead of JK Rowling?

    My guess is the copy editor told his assistant that Bachmann’s name belonged on the list at best “for 20 seconds,” and that misunderstanding became an amusing Forbes misprint.

  • Jamie


  • Bill Prendergast

    Since announcing her presidential candidacy, Bachmann is indeed one of the most powerful women in the United State. (No, not the world.)

    Power consists in making other people do what you wish them to do, in the ability to make the things you want to happen–happen.

    So Bachmann has power. A zero-achievement conservative reformer, she nonetheless has the power to influence the national policy debate that affect health care, employment and investment prospects, the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans.

    You think I’m overstating this? Well, the Republicans who govern Congress don’t. They know that Bachmann, as an unofficial leader of the Tea Party and as high-profile protege of the Christian right–has the power to ruin Republican and conservative careers simply by opening her mouth publicly and repeatedly.

    They don’t want her to that, to them–so that’s their power over them, and *they* make the laws for the US, so you see those laws and policies pushed further and further to the right: because of their fear of Michele Bachmann and the two constituencies that can gut the GOP nationally and locally: the tea party and the national Christian right.

    At the same time, Bachmann is not powerful–in the sense that she is not the one making the decisions about “who she can threaten/who she can punish.” That power belongs to her mentors in the national Christian right, who were monitoring her career long before she came to prominence in Minnesota politics in 2004. (If they decide tomorrow that ‘it’s Perry, not Bachmann’–then her top of the ticket ambitions are through and she will have to settle for a veep slot at best.)

    Tennis ball back to “Bachmann is powerful” position:

    Michele Bachmann is powerful because if she appeares anywhere on a GOP White House ticket: she has the power to alter the composition of the Congress and particular state and local governments… simply by being there, on that ticket.

    Bachmann’s presence on the ticket triggers the enthusiastic election participation of millions of conservative evangelicals–voters, donors, volunteers, Christian media, anti-abortion activists, anti-immigrant activists, whatever. All voting in down ticket races around the country (not just in the WH race)–all showing up enthusiastically and recruiting the middle…just because they’re excited about Michele being somewhere on that WH ticket. The name and the agenda she represents, are “magic” in down-ticket races.

    So even if a WH ticket with Bachmann on it loses, the GOP and conservatives and Christian right pick up seats at levels of government all around the country.

    That’s power, to be able to use demagoguery to alter the government of the United States and move its agenda ever further to the right, despite the desires of the majority of the American people. Her power could all dry up tomorrow, if the leaders of the Christian right decide that it’s in their best interest to go with Perry… but for now: Michele Bachmann is indeed one of the most powerful women in America.

  • Bill Prendergast

    …aaaand… note the Forbes lie about the Bachmanns, in the piece quoted here.

    “she and her husband Marcus homeschooled their five children and raised 23 foster children, all teenage girls”

    No, that’s not true–the Bachmann did not “raise” 23 foster children, so they deserve credit for “raising” 23 foster children, so Forbes should not be puffing Bachmann to their readers by stating (falsely) that they “raised” 23 foster children.

    Forbes is probably relying on past statements by the Bachmann and lazy political reporting in Minnesota for the claim that the Bachmanns “raised” 23 foster children. Recent reporting this years demonstrates that is it impossible for that particular claim to be true; the timeline renders the claim impossible.

    Faced with the facts and abandoning the lie, the Bachmanns have recently stopped using the word “raised” for describing what they did for those foster girls. Forbes, on the other hand, insists on reporting “what is not so,” as “so.”

  • Vlad

    Another creepy protrayal of Michelle Bachmann. She’s bitchy, mean to her sister, illegitimate (why?), medically disabled, embroiled in (fake) controversy. Her only qualifications: good mom and three term congresswoman. In a fluid field of Republican candidates, she can barely hold her head above water in the polls, and the “Bachmann bubble” shows her to be secretive and conspiratorial.

    One good thing: thanks to MPR’s dilligent, and exclusive, investigative reporting, we now know that nobody knows who will represent the sixth district seventeen months from now. Who knew?!