Cravaack reverses course, will now hold Duluth town hall

From MPR’s Bill Catlin and Dan Kraker…

Amid mounting pressure, 8th District GOP congressman Chip Cravaack has announced he will hold an open town hall meeting at 4 o’clock tomorrow afternoon at the Duluth airport.

Cravaack has taken flack from constituents and in national publications for the meetings he’s held during the August recess. The only free, open-to-all meetings were held only in relatively remote places, that are long drives from Duluth, the district’s population and media center. Cravaack made the announcement to protesters outside a meeting sponsored by a business organization that was charging attendees a $10 fee for lunch.

  • Sue

    Amazing that in this article that they don’t mention that the ‘meeting sponsored by a business organization ‘ was held at a restaurant! How many meetings at a restaurant have you gone to and not had to pay for your lunch. Let’s make sue we don’t lean to far left, you might fall over.

    And how can it be said ‘he reverses course’ when he had said that he WOULD hold a town hall meeting when he could make it work with his busy schedule. It just amazes me how important these town hall meetings are now that Cravaack is our congressman but they weren’t ever necessary when Oberstar was.