Communications workers target Cravaack

Eighth district Rep. Chip Cravaack is among 24 freshman lawmakers targeted by a new direct mailing campaign sponsored by a telecommunications union.

At issue is the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration that occurred earlier this summer. The Communications Workers of America says Cravaack was among Republicans who supported adding a provision to the FAA reauthorization bill that would have reverted to old rules about airline employee unionization. Critics say the old rules would make it harder for airline workers to unionize.

By insisting on the provision, CWA says the GOP held-up passage of a long-term funding bill. (Congress ultimately agreed to a short-term funding bill that ended the shutdown.)

The campaign is using targeted mailers, phone calls and other tactics to put pressure on Cravaack and other Republican lawmakers to agree to a long-term reauthorization when Congress comes back to Washington in the fall.

I contacted Cravaack’s office for comment, and will update this story when I hear back.

Update: Cravaack’s spokesman, Michael Bars, sent this comment

The House responsibly passed a bipartisan FAA extension on July 20th and immediately sent the bill to the Senate to avert an imminent shutdown. The Senate did nothing. Senator Reid was more concerned with Ely, NV – not tens of thousands of FAA jobs and working families throughout the country.

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