Bachmann wins Straw Poll, Pawlenty gets third

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll of GOP presidential candidates. She received more votes than any other candidate, including fellow Minnesotan Tim Pawlenty. Texas Congressman Ron Paul finished second.

Here are the results from the Iowa GOP:

1. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (4823, 28.55%)

2. Congressman Ron Paul (4671, 27.65%)

3. Governor Tim Pawlenty (2293, 13.57%)

4. Senator Rick Santorum (1657, 9.81%)

5. Herman Cain(1456, 8.62%)

6. Governor Rick Perry (718, 3.62%) write-in

7. Governor Mitt Romney (567, 3.36%)

8. Speaker Newt Gingrich (385, 2.28%)

9. Governor Jon Huntsman (69, 0.41%)

10. Congressman Thad McCotter (35, 0.21%)

11. Scattering (162, 0.96 %) Includes all those receiving votes at less than one-percent that were not on the ballot.

Bachmann held an impromptu news conference after she was declared the victor. She thanked supporters and seemed thrilled with the victory. She also talked about moving her campaign beyond Iowa. Bachmann will appear on five Sunday morning news shows tomorrow.

Update: Bachmann’s campaign released this statement:

“I want to thank the people of Iowa for this tremendous victory. Together we sent a message that we intend to make President Obama a one-term president. The Iowa Straw Poll was a important first step in what will be a long race for the presidency. Now we turn our attention toward winning the Iowa Caucuses and taking our message of reining in wasteful spending, keeping taxes low, growing our economy and creating jobs to the people of New Hampshire, South Carolina and all 50 states.”

Bachmann’s victory makes her one of the front-runners to win Iowa’s first in the nation precinct caucuses. It doesn’t, however, mean she’ll be considered a front-runner to win the GOP nomination. Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, didn’t actively work to win the Iowa Straw Poll. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who could also draw Tea Party members and Evangelicals from Bachmann, also announced that he’s running for President. Another wild card is Sarah Palin, who said she’s still considering a run for the White House.

Pawlenty will be forced to explain to supporters and potential donors how his campaign is still viable with Bachmann, Romney and Perry all receiving plenty of buzz among GOP activists. He also spent a lot of time and money in Iowa over the past few months.

Pawlenty and his campaign didn’t respond to questions from MPR News. He released this statement after the results were posted:

“Congratulations to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for her victory in today’s straw poll. We made progress in moving from the back of the pack into a competitive position for the caucuses, but we have a lot more work to do. This is a long process to restore America — we are just beginning and I’m looking forward to a great campaign.”

MPR’s Mark Zdechlik contributed to this report.

  • Jeff

    President Obama’s personality has been his downfall. He’s just simply no F.D.R. But the last thing we need is someone as full of herself yet as drop-dead ignorant as M.B. This is someone who thinks Warren Harding was a good President. Fact: Harding was not only among the most dim-witted men ever to manage to get himself elected, he was so corrupt as to almost defy description. Polls of historians and scholars have consistently ranked Harding as one of the worst Presidents ever. And the follow-up of having Coolidge’s laissez-faire administration only set the country up for a hellacious downfall only our parents and grandparents can truly appreciate.

    Obama simply isn’t as skilled nor as bold as those of us who voted for a change hoped for. (“Change” and “hope” campaign slogans used intentionally.) But there’s no discounting the obstacles put up against what he’s tried to do – not only by Republicans but also by Democrats like Max Baucus whose whoring out to K Street equaled only by their crass smugness in knowing they can never lose by overestimating the gullibility, ignorance and apathy of voters who rely on commercials, Madison Avenue-generated mantras and incessant propaganda by corporate-owned-and-operated so-called “liberal” media to base their opinions.

    Bachmann and Perry might appeal to people who think an evangelical dip-you-know-what can get in good with God and that’ll make everything A-OK. But some of us lean more toward another criteria. Some of us believe that the common thread running through the very best Presidents has been one thing: they were phenomenally brilliant, hyper-educated GENIUSES.

    Obama comes close, as did Clinton and even Carter. VERY smart men all. By comparison Perry and Bachmann are dunces. The Presidency demands intelligence way beyond your average Joe or Jane. It certainly demands more than an intellectual midget like M.B.