Bachmann out with third presidential campaign TV ad

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s newest ad invites Iowa Republicans to join her next week for the Ames Straw Poll and to support her opposition to increased federal government spending.

In the ad, the GOP presidential candidate reminds viewers she did not vote for the debt ceiling increase and she accuses Washington politicians of, “looting the treasury and bankrupting our nation.”

“Barack Obama has driven our economy into a ditch,” she said in the ad.

Bachmann 2012 says the new ad began running Wednesday, August 3 throughout Iowa.

  • Bill Prendergast

    Breathtaking. I’m going to write on this one at the Minnesota Progressive Project this afternoon.

    Simply breathtaking. “President Obama has driven the economy into a ditch,” not GOP conservative President Bush and his GOP Congress (the ones she told you to vote for.) The economy was already in a ditch when Obama got in. And this week Bachmann’s tea party conservatives in Congress were willing to take out of the ditch and over a cliff, with a debt ceiling policy that would lead to world-wide default. And she’s bragging about that.

    “It’s time to balance the budget and pay down the debt. AND I MEAN IT,”– and we’ve got six different letters, signed with her own hand: where she’s begging for deficit spending dollars from the Obama stimulus package…because (she wrote) that will create thousands and thousands of jobs in her district.

    Conservatives placing their fervent trust in this individual–how stupid and angry can they be?

  • Sue

    She is a pathological liar. How come people can’t see that?