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The only thing worse that taxing Joe Six Pack’s six-pack is taking his six pack away.

The state says MillerCoors has to start taking its alcohol off the shelves in Minnesota because of a licensing problem. The news comes on top of reports that bar owners may not be able to buy alcohol from wholesalers.

Budget battle

More and more Republicans are saying additional revenue has to be on the table. GOP Sen. Claire Robling, GOP Rep. Michael Beard and two others said they would push for Racino. GOP Sen. John Carlson told the Bemidji Pioneer that he’s open to expanded gambling or increasing taxes on cigarettes and alcohol.

Gov. Dayton will speak to the U of M’s Humphrey School this morning. You can listen to the speech today on MPR at noon.

4 freshman GOP legislators; Senators Howe and Hoffman & Reps Banaian and Kriesel, offer their thoughts on the shutdown and the budget on Midday at 11am.

Dayton and GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers will appear on KARE11 tonight to take audience questions.

Dayton made his case for his HHS spending in Rochester and economic development in Albert Lea.

WCCO says GOP claims that they are close on a budget are false.

Some House members would be eligible to collect their pay retroactively after the shutdown ends.

The PoliGraph says Dayton’s property tax claims are in range.

Shutdown Impact

Ramsey County Judge Kathleen Gearin restored child care assistance during government shutdown.

Gearin was also skeptical of efforts to resume road projects.

The DNR Chief says fishing licenses are needed during the shutdown. That contradicts statements from Crow Wing County officials say their local DNR officers.

The shutdown forced mental health crisis programs to cut services.

The shutdown brings cuts to domestic violence services.

AP says the shutdown has put many lives on hold.

Georgia Pacific closed its Duluth plant as a result of the shutdown.

Wells Fargo reaches out to people hurt by the shutdown.

Horse track advocates worry a long-term shutdown will destroy the industry in Minnesota.


Moody’s moves one step closer to downgrading U.S. debt.

Efforts to cut spending may mean Medicaid cuts to the states (which would put Minnesota in a deeper financial hole).

President Obama either abruptly or didn’t abruptly walk out of debt ceiling talks (depending on who’s talking).

Top Republicans, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor, clash over the debt limit plan.

McConnell says default would destroy the GOP brand.

Obama will visit Minneapolis on August 30.

Constitutional Amendment to Ban Same Sex Marriage

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that there’s a rising number of gay couples in Minnesota – which could impact next year’s ballot initiative.

Race for President

Sarah Palin says she’ll announce her decision in late summer.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann rejects the debt limit proposal, creating a headache for GOP leaders.

While Bachmann and Pawlenty have taken stands on the debt ceiling, many other 2012 candidates have not.

Pawlenty keeps up his criticism of Bachmann by saying he’s been in executive government while Bachmann hasn’t.

DFL Sen. Al Franken says he likes Bachmann but doesn’t like her politics.

CBS News points out that Bachmann characterized homosexuality as “personal enslavement” in 2004.

A Quinnipiac University poll shows Bachmann surging Tim Pawlenty going the wrong way.

Tim Pawlenty won’t sign the marriage pledge but did release a video detailing his Christian faith.

As Pawlenty touts his budget critics, critics point to failed one-time fixes. MPR and the New York Times have stories.

Politifact says Pawlenty’s claim that scientists are “in dispute” over whether being gay is a choice is false.

Sarah Huckabee starts working for her new boss.

Pawlenty will hold a town hall meeting in Marshalltown, IA on Jul y 19th.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Tim Pawlenty’s budgetary shell games are the primary reason Minnesota has been stripped of its AAA bond rating. Pawlenty should be embarrassed to even address the subject of his chronic mismanagement of Minnesota finances.

  • danno

    The truth is that Pawlenty has been in executive un-government. He has such a poor record, he should be claiming something like, “I have been temporarily insane for ten years,” or “where am I? I don’t remember anything after 1996.” That would sound much better than his easily documentable falsehoods. I expect that if he speaks to the Flat Earth Society, he will claim that he has always agreed with them, and has diligently been searching for the source of the conspiracy-produced space program photos. He’s a man of priniciples–any and all that it will take to win your vote.