House DFL has chairs ready for GOP defectors

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Democrats in the Minnesota House say they think the defections of six Republicans could be the key to ending the state budget impasse and government shutdown.

They made their case today during a State Capitol news conference, and used six empty chairs to symbolize the help they would need from the other side to pass legislation. House DFL Minority Leader Paul Thissen said private conversations are already underway with some GOP legislators, but he wouldn’t name them. Thissen said it’s time for some courageous Republicans to step forward and do what’s best for Minnesota.

“All it takes is six courageous leaders to buck the Republican party line and listen to the vast majoriity of Minnesotans who want to cut the state budget and want to raise fair revenues to fill our historic budget gap,” Thissen said.

Republican leaders have said they still would not be willing to bring a vote to the floor on tax increases. But Thissen said he thinks six defections would increase public pressure for action.

  • Disco

    Imagine for two seconds the hellstorm that would erupt for any republicans who go along with this. It would make the 2008 tax thing look like a walk in the park.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Republican legislators in Minnesota are not permitted to use the bathroom without permission from Tony Sutton, Michael Brodkorb and Grover Norquist. Suggesting they might vote their consciences is a stretch.

  • Steve Knutie