Dayton signs budget bills; state employees recalled tomorrow

Gov. Mark Dayton has signed budget bills ending the state government shutdown.

Dayton’s signatures came after a special legislative session that ended early this morning. The governor said he doesn’t like the way the new budget will be financed. It does not include the upper income tax increase he championed. But, Dayton said it ends the shutdown and puts state employees back to work:

“By statute, the actual flow of dollars does not begin until tomorrow morning, but the actual mechanisms of the agency heads and those who are already in the office to get things now back in gear, get the computer systems up and running and the like are underway,” Dayton said.

State employees will be recalled beginning at 6 a.m. tomorrow. All state employees are being told to report to work at their normally scheduled time. When government shut down July 1st, 22,000 state workers were laid off and state parks and rest stops were closed.

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