Washington Post: top Pawlenty aides working for little or no pay

According to a report in the Washington Post, “at least five top advisers to former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty have been working for little or no pay for several months.” The newspaper attributes that information to “a campaign source.”

The source told the Post Wednesday that the pay status of several aides is not a reflection of any sudden fundraising problem with the Pawlenty 2012 presidential campaign. “We’re raising exactly what we said we were going to raise. We’re paying our consultants exactly what they expected to be paid right now,” the Post quotes the source.

Political analysts have repeatedly said that unless Pawlenty is able to report substantial fundraising success for the second quarter of the year which ends this month, his campaign could face serious obstacles going forward.

The Post quotes Pawlenty spokesman Alex Conant saying Pawlenty’s campaign is well-positioned to compete. “We are confident that we will raise the resources necessary to execute our strategy and win the nomination,” Conant told the Washington Post.

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