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The clock is ticking closer to a state government shutdown and the length of the meetings between Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders is getting shorter.

On Monday, they met for 45 minutes. Watch video of the newser here.

They have a 9am meeting scheduled for today but Dayton has other events scheduled at lunch and the evening.

On Monday, the fight was over the fate of the Stillwater Bridge on Monday.

MnDOT says the bridge will now stay open.

Former GOP candidate Tom Emmer wrote an op-ed saying the GOP must not back down in the budget fight.

MPR says a potential shutdown could cost the state millions.

MPR compiled a list of the potential costs of the shutdown.

MPR is also reporting that FEMA wants to know what the state’s plans are if a nuclear incident occurs during a shutdown.

A hearing was held in Ramsey County Court to determine if the judiciary should continue if a shutdown occurs. Read a story and listen to the hearing here.

GOP legislative leaders sent a mass e-mail to state workers defending their position on the budget. MAPE criticized the e-mail.

State employees are nervously anticipating the shutdown and the job losses that come with it.

The shutdown could force Hennepin County to lay off one in six workers.

Moorhead officials are spending most of their time planning for the shutdown.

AP takes a look at the differences between the 2005 shutdown and the upcoming shutdown.

The Star Tribune reports that retailers are suing over the ban on synthetic pot.


The Minneapolis Federal Reserve downgrades its economic outlook.


A jury convicts the former Illinois Governor on nearly all of the corruption charges filed against him.


President Obama enters the debt talks.

Salon points out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has a conflict of interest when it comes to the debt ceiling. He owns a fund that would skyrocket if the nation defaults on U.S. Treasury bonds.

The White House is considering a big boost to the fuel economy of automobiles.

Minnesota’s ethanol industry faces an uncertain future.

Congress pays $6.1 million in bonuses to staffers as it debates spending cuts.

The Supreme Court rejected California’s ban on violent video games.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz held a town hall meeting on the budget.

A panel of lawmakers, including DFL Rep. Keith Ellison, heard about the economy at an event in Detroit.

Race for Congress

Politico says no Republicans are actively looking at Bachmann’s seat.

Race for President

President Obama is in Iowa today. The Washington Post says he’s working to convince skeptical high dollar donors.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s sinking poll numbers may put Florida in play.

The Des Moines Register publishes an interview with Mitt Romney.

Tim Pawlenty delivers a foreign policy speech today.

He will reportedly push back against “Isolationist Republicans.”

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s official announcement strikes a chord with the Iowa crowd.

Bachmann mixes up John Wayne (the actor) and John Wayne Gacy (the serial killer) during her speech.

The New York Times says Bachmann’s run will test the breadth of the Tea Party’s appeal.

AP says Bachmann’s bomblets raising eyebrows.

PolitFact says Bachmann’s claims on the strategic petroleum reserve are false.

Politico says Bachmann has never had a bill or resolution signed into law.

Bachmann says she’s never had a “cross word” with Sarah Palin.

Former MNGOP Chair Ron Carey has an op-ed in the Des Moines Register saying Bachmann is not ready to be president. Carey, who touts Pawlenty in the op-ed, was Bachmann’s Chief of Staff but the two parted ways quickly.

Tim Pawlenty’s first ad in Iowa that features “results not rhetoric” is targeting Bachmann.

Pawlenty also scrubbed Bachmann’s reference from his website.

Pawlenty downplays his standings in the recent poll.

Sarah Palin is in Iowa today for a documentary of her career and will be in Minnesota on Wednesday to kick off her daughter’s book tour.

Rudy Giuliani will be in New Hampshire in July.


A memorial service for DFL Sen. Linda Scheid will be held today.

  • danno

    The Koch and Zellers e-mail to state employees is just another example of their absolute lack of class. They can’t keep their pie-holes shut for the life of themselves. Their explanation smacks of duplicity beyond belief. They should be forced to compensate the state for use of the state mail system for political campaigning. Who elected these people?