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Now what?

There are two weeks until a state govermnent shutdown and it appears Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders are no closer to a budget deal.

Gov. Dayton quickly rejected a GOP offer yesterday that Republicans argued was a “significant compromise.” At the end of his news conference Dayton seemed to be touching on the theme of the 2011 legislative session when he remarked “We’re at an impasse.”

GOP leaders offered to drop their push for $202 million in tax breaks and spend the money on K12 schools, higher education, public safety and other programs. Watch video.

The GOP offer does not rely on any new revenue, which Dayton characterized as “extremely disappointing.” Watch video.

Dayton told MPR’s Midmorning that the impact of a shutdown on the state’s workforce and the rest of the state wears on him.

The Pi Press says the public is telling lawmakers to get a budget deal done.

Republicans are also pushing for a special session to fund road work only. Dayton has rejected that plan saying he won’t call lawmakers back until they agree on a complete budget.

Tidbit: The chief lobbyist for the Minnesota Association of General Contractors was in the back of the room when Republicans held the news conference.

Metro Transit promises to keep running in the event of a shutdown.

GOP Sen. David Hann criticized Archbishop John Nienstedt for endorsing “socialist fiction” after Neinstedt wrote Dayton urging him to protect the poor as he puts a budget together.

The Senate is ready to intervene in the shutdown lawsuit.

MPR says the private sector has mixed reactions to a potential shutdown.

The Minnesota Zoo wants off of Gov. Dayton’s shutdown list but also wants to collect admissions revenue to keep running in the event of a shutdown.


Minnesota’s unemployment rate ticked up to 6.6 percent in May.

Fewer Americans applied for unemployment.


Plans have been set for DFL Sen. Linda Scheid’s memorial service.

Ethics Complaint

GOP Sen. Gretchen Hoffman apologized in writing to DFL Sen. Barb Goodwin.

Vikings Stadium

Officials want details of the stadium proposal by today.

The Star Tribune reports hopes are fading on getting it done by today.

An unlikely duo is leading the way for a new Vikings Stadium in Arden Hills.


Gov. Dayton will attend the funeral of Specialist Emilio Campo, Jr. today. Campo was killed on June 6 while serving his country in Iraq.


The Senate voted to repeal ethanol tax credits. Both of Minnesota’s senators voted to keep the tax credit in place.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY, resigned.

GOP Rep. John Kline sponsors a bill that changes “No Child Left Behind.”

Kline also sponsored a charter school bill.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s economic disclosure form shows her net worth ranges between $194,000 and $454,000 and she reports no outstanding debt.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson condemns the Ag spending bill.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison will co-sponsor a bill that prevents localities from banning circumcision.

Race for Congress

The Star Tribune says the 6th District is in limbo as GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann makes a run for president.

Race for President

MPR says some liberals at NetRoots Nation are disenchanted with President Obama.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann addresses the Republican Leadership Council (formerly known as the Southern Republican Leadership Council) today.

A new poll shows GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann getting a bump.

Bachmann inked a book deal.

A top Bachmann aide, Andy Parrish, moved to Iowa.

Tim Pawlenty’s bad week continues.

On Thursday, a CodePink activist showered Pawlenty with glitter during an event in an Francisco.

Politico reports that Pawlenty was in California to give a paid speech to an insurance group.

Tidbit: The DNC was quick to point out Pawlenty’s paid speech and issued a news release criticizing him for it.

Pawlenty tries to fix the self-inflicted damage from Monday night’s debate through Twitter and Fox News. He suggested on Fox News that Mitt Romney was a “co-conspirator”with President Obama on federal health care.

Newt Gingrich vows to run the most positive campaign in U.S. history.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Throwing a nickel on the table doesn’t get you into a $5 ante game. Time for the Republicans to put up or shut up.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    LOL, it’s nice to find out the Capitol View server thinks my comments are worth repeating.

  • danno

    There are times when one might reflect that a deadlocked budget bill should be grounds for a new legislative election. Should we have to wait until 2012 to throw out these bums?

  • danno

    One might get the impression that the Republicans have confused the word significant with their intended “meritricious.”

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Dayton has rejected that plan saying he won’t call lawmakers back until they agree on a complete budget.

    This has been Dayton’s message for six months now. At some point, the Republican leadership has to get serious about this.

  • Rebecca Diercks

    Why is it that those who “have” insist on taking and taking and taking from those who “have not” ? I work for the state (DOC) and that use to be thought of as a great job but with all the wage freezes and what you have proposed to due to our benefits, not anymore. You legislators (GOP) try spending 6 hours a day in the presence of felons trying to educate and enourage them to be better citizens when they get out (and they will get out eventually) on what you are proposing we live on. You will end up with people who are less dedicated and care alot less about trying to make a difference. You didn’t get the job done in the time allowed so you should not get paid for any additional time need to balance the budget. Also, why should you receive a hefty pension for “serving” for a few short years. That doesn’t happen for ANYONE that you (GOP) are trying to stick it to. That would save the state a good chunk of change. Now you want to keep the budget balanced because it benefits you

    not the rest of us who work our butts off day after day.