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Sen. Linda Scheid passed away yesterday afternoon at the age of 68. Scheid entered hospice care last month after a six-year fight with ovarian cancer.

MPR and the Star Tribune have looks at Scheid’s career and life.

Under the Dome

Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders are scheduled to meet at 1pm today to discuss the state budget stalemate.

On Wednesday, Dayton petitioned the Ramsey County District Court to keep some state services running if a shutdown occurs on July 1. Dayton’s list includes prisons, the state patrol and state hospitals. It also continues unemployment benefits, subsidized health insurance, cash assistance for the poor and food aid. But it does not fund big ticket items like payments to K12 schools, payments to health care providers and LGA payments.

You can read the petition here.

Dayton says he’s working to ensure a shutdown doesn’t occur but says a temporary shutdown is better than the GOP budget. Watch video of the newser here.

Republicans characterized Dayton’s petition as “political” and said they won’t support tax increases to erase the state’s deficit. Watch video here.

The Senate Rules Committee will hold a hearing today to see whether the Senate should intervene in the matter.

Tidbit: Ramsey County Judge Kathleen Gearin will hold a hearing on the requests on June 23.

Nursing homes and hospitals told MPR News that they aren’t happy Dayton’s petition. Some nursing homes say they’ll be forced to close if the shutdown lasts too long.

MPR says private vendors are also bracing for a shutdown. The shutdown could harm the fragile construction economy. Others, like Dan Cain, president of RS EDEN, say they’ll tap other financial resources to keep the programs running.

“And even though there is some pleasure in thinking about marching a bunch of sex offenders up to the Capitol and saying here, they’re yours now, Cain said. “We probably won’t stop electronic monitoring on July 1.”

Deayton’s plan will allow MnSCU to access its reserves and stay open if a shutdown occurs.

The Pi Press says counties are preparing for the unknown.

MPR says a shutdown would also take a heavy toll in Nicollet County.

The executive director of the Minnesota Council on Nonprofits says a shutdown would force a big reduction in services.

Business groups have started running an ad targeting Dayton on the budget.

New federal rules could open the door to more casinos in Minnesota.

GOP Rep. John Kriesel, who earned a Purple Heart during his time during the war in Iraq, will pin a Purple Heart on another soldier.

GOP Sen. Gretchen Hoffman deleted her entire Twitter account after a Senate Ethics panel rebuked her for mischaracterizing what DFL Sen. Barb Goodwin said on the Senate floor. The Ethics Committee said it would drop the ethics complaint if Hoffman deleted the tweet in question and directed readers to the Ethics resolution on her Twitter account.


NetRoots Nation and RightOnline will be holding their national conferences in Minneapolis this weekend.


Greece may be spiraling toward default which could spark a worldwide economic crisis.

Core inflation remains a concern for the economy.


President Obama says the War Powers Act doesn’t apply to Libya.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-AZ, has been released from a Houston hospital.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and DFL Sen. Al Franken are calling for a faster troop drawdown in Afghanistan.

Franken wants limits on location data use on cell phones.

Klobuchar is taking Alaska Sen. Mark Begich to the Iron Range.

Congress releases its financial disclosures. Take a look at who in Minnesota filed and who asked for extensions.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison blasts a second hearing on Muslim “radicalization.”

Race for President

The latest NBC News/Wall St. Journal poll says less than half of the GOP primary voters are satisfied with the field. Mitt Romney leads his rivals in the poll. GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty are at the back of the pack.

Here’s the full poll.

In Minnesota’s 6th District, there’s a mixed response to GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s run for president.

Bachmann starts the presidential race with lots of cash on hand.

The PoliGraph says Bachmann’s claim on the health care law ignores key information.

Bachmann told Glenn Beck that President Obama has a secret plan to end Medicare.

Bachmann also hints at a path to the nomination.

CNN takes a look at where Bachmann stands on foreign affairs.

The Hill says the “wimp factor” could play a factor in who wins the GOP nomination. Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty are mentioned.

Roll Call says the GOP contenders could have trouble winning their home states in a general election.

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