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Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced during CNN’s GOP presidential debate that she’s officially running for President.

AP profiles Bachmann.

CNN said Bachmann has a “successful debate debut.”

Tidbit: Bachmann bought the e-mail list of GOPUSA to announce her official run and sent her announcement to those members.

You can watch the debate here.

MPR says Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty competed for the spotlight at the debate.

While Bachmann was throwing her hat into the ring, Tim Pawlenty decided to hang on to the ropes instead of taking a swing at Mitt Romney. Pawlenty repeatedly sidestepped questions when repeatedly asked why he characterized the federal health care law as “Obamneycare” on Sunday.

Politico quotes several GOP strategists as saying Pawlenty missed a major opportunity. They say he missed his “moment of strength. Another said GOP voters want to find someone who is willing to take the fight to President Obama and questioned whether Pawlenty would do that.

The failure to pack a punch forced Pawlenty spokesman Alex Conant to do some spinning with The National Review. Pawlenty campaign manager Nick Ayers did some spinning in the Spin Room.

Conant said Pawlenty wanted the focus of the debate to be on President Obama.

Ayers said Pawlenty didn’t back off from his comments.

The National Journal and The Fix say Romney and Bachmann were winners of the debate. They also say Pawlenty was a loser in the debate.

Tidbit: The debate won’t dramatically hurt Pawlenty’s standing among regular voters but could hurt him in the money race as donors wonder whether Pawlenty will be strong enough to throw a punch.

The Hill says Pawlenty campaigned in New Hampshire and worked to distance himself from former President George W. Bush’s policies.

The New York Times fact checks the debate.


Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson petitioned the Ramsey County District Court to continue services if a shutdown occurs on July 1.

Read the petition here.

Tidbit: Dayton issued a statement saying he would release his list of essential services later this week. He also hired David Lillehaug as his private counsel. Lillehaug will work pro bono.

DFL Rep. Ryan Winkler says Swanson’s petition is broader than the 2005 shutdown ruling. He says the petition seeks too much power for cities, counties, state agencies and other units of government.

The Courts’ role in deciding state spending is questioned.

Here’s a FAQ on the potential shutdown.

Tidbit: Catharine Richert, who wrote PoliGraph while studying at the University of Minnesota, has joined MPR’s political team.

The Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy will meet on Wednesday to discuss Gov. Dayton’s shutdown planning.

Tidbit: As shutdown planning continues, Dayton and GOP legislative leaders have not met privately to discuss the budget since Wednesday.

Public schools are concerned about the impact of a shutdown.

MAPE is objecting to GOP Rep. Tom Hackbarth’s e-mail message that compares unions to Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro.

Ethics Committee

The Senate Ethics Committee says it will dismiss an ethics complaint against GOP Sen. Gretchen Hoffman if she apologizes in writing for her Twitter comments against DFL Sen. Barb Goodwin.

Tidbit: Goodwin says she’s pleased with the Ethics Committee’s action but said she also asked them to issue advice on rules surrounding Senate staffers who tweet. Goodwin says the Ethics Committee could not take action against staffers under current rules.

Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage

The Campaign Finance Board holds a hearing today to discuss what information about large donors needs to be disclosed.

Same-sex marriage supporters held a fundraiser on Monday night to raise money to defeat the amendment.

Vikings Stadium

The Vikings are proposing more user fees to pay for road construction around the proposed Arden Hills site.

Union organizing

KSTP says unions are working to organize thousands of Minnesota daycare workers.


President Obama tells NBC News that “I would resign” if he were in the situation that Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY, is in.

Obama is working on moderate ways (around Congress) to spur the economy.

General Petreaus is in Washington D.C. to deliver a troop draw down recommendation in Afghanistan.

GOP Rep. John Kline offers an education reform preview in an op-ed in Politico.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar says she’ll try to head off an amendment that would end federal ethanol subsidies.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison and DFL Rep. Tim Walz will attend a union rally in Minneapolis on Friday.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Tim Pawlenty decided to hang on to the ropes instead of taking a swing at Mitt Romney.

    You’re kind to put it this way. Fact is, Timid Tim wimped out, as those of us who’ve watched him for 2 decades knew he would. Pawlenty just doesn’t have The Courage to Stand.

    Bachmann does, however. She’ll knock Pawlenty out in Iowa and SC (if he gets that far) and she’s already given Palin what was probably the final push to stay out.

  • Jamie

    You shouldn’t post links to heavily biased stories like KSTP’s union-trashing story (re: daycare workers) without posting other sides of the story. KSTP should be the local Fox News affiliate instead of KMSP 9. KSTP, owned by a radical right-winger, doesn’t broadcast much real news. It’s mostly opinion disguised as news.

    If you’re going to start posting links to opinion pieces, you need to do it in a fair manner.