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There are three weeks until a possible state government shutdown and Dayton and GOP leaders are no closer to a budget deal. No leadership meetings are scheduled for today either. Yesterday’s Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy meeting also covered little new ground.

Tidbit: The two sides can’t even agree on the state of negotiations. Rep. Doug Wardlow, R-Eagan, openly questioned whether the two sides were at an impasse even as the state prepares for a shutdown and the Legislature and Gov. Dayton failed to get a budget deal signed into law during the regular session.

Lay off notices should start arriving at the homes of 36,000 state employees as early as today. MPR says there is a lot of uncertainty over which state workers and state services will be delivered if a shutdown happens.

The shutdown may trigger millions of dollars in payouts to state employees.

Rep. Bruce Vogel, R-Willmar, told the West Central Tribune that lawmakers have been told not to leave the state and to be ready to return to St. Paul within 24 hours. He also said Dayton should sign the K12 and public safety and the courts bills.

Democrats, like DFL Rep. Andrew Falk, say Republicans are playing a shell game with their budget offer.

Under the Dome

The Senate Ethics Committee holds a Monday hearing on an ethics complaint against GOP Sen. Gretchen Hoffman.

Light rail construction is prompting concerns about the condition of the State Capitol.

The State Executive Council sent mining leases back to the DNR because they didn’t believe the agency went far enough to notify land owners about the exploration.

Constitutional Amendment to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

The Vote No Campaign launches on June 20.


Alabama enacts a tough new immigration law.


The Washington Post says debt reduction talks pick up speed.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says NATO has a dim future.

The IRS ends tax status for 5,132 Minnesota nonprofits.

An inspector general finds that Mexican drug cartels are using money and sex to bribe U.S. Customs agents.

Middle East

Syria’s forces begin a push against dissidents on the Turkish border.

Race for President

The Alaska governor’s office will release Sarah Palin’s e-mail today.

Mitt Romney bows out of the Iowa Straw Poll.

The senior staff members for Newt Gingrich have quit in protest of the candidate’s refusal to take their advice.

Former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue is now backing Pawlenty. Pawlenty’s campaign manager Nick Ayers is a long time Perdue aide.

Pawlenty said he reached out to Perdue after Gingrich’s team quit.

Pawlenty will be in New Hampshire this weekend.

Former GE Chair Jack Welch also praised Pawlenty.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann reaches out to Christian media organizations.

The Star Tribune profiles Jeff Larson who is chief of staff for the RNC.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Jack Welsh endorses Pawlenty? Ugh. Jack Welsh is a megalomaniacal, multiply-divorced, screw-the-little-people sociopath, in the Gingrich/Limbaugh mold. What we need is a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific where we can send people like this, never to be seen or heard from again. Maybe we could send Timid Tim along, too.