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Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders are scheduled to meet again today to discuss the budget.

The meeting comes after a Friday meeting in which GOP legislative leaders released a timeline to finish before July 1. Dayton says Republicans better come up with some more money or the timeline is worthless.

Tidbit: The GOP schedule is another attempt by both sides to insulate themselves from blame if a shutdown occurs (See Dayton’s suggestion for an outside mediator). The problem with the timeline is that it’s a bit presumptuous. As one colleague put it, is that setting a wedding date when you’re not even sure the person is willing to marry you.

The Pi Press says Minnesota state workers are girding for a shutdown.

Meanwhile, WCCO reports that Republicans in the Minnesota Senate were distributing a shutdown pool.

Under the Dome

CNN says state and local government layoffs will hit record levels.

The U of M’s president will present a budget plan to the Board of Regents this week that relies on lay-offs and a tuition hike to deal with budget matters.

The Pi Press takes a look at retired educators coming back to work. Is it a case of double dipping?

The Star Tribune says 3,000 jail cells sit empty.

DFL Sen. Linda Scheid has entered hospice care.

The PoliGraph says a lawmakers claim on K12 funding is only partially correct.


A federal judge will hear arguments today from Democratic attorneys that the federal courts should oversee the drawing of the state’s political maps.


President Obama is pondering a greater troop withdrawal in Afghanistan.

Five U.S. soldiers were killed in an attack in Central Iraq.

The turmoil in Yemen worries U.S. officials.

The national unemployment rate increased to 9.1 percent prompting concerns of an economic slowdown.

GOP Rep. John Kline’s vision for schools is less federal money and more school autonomy.

Kline is one of the House Republicans who are still working on the health care “replace” legislation that was supposed to go along with the health care repeal vote.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison said in an op-ed that Congress should focus on job creation not playing chicken with the debt ceiling.

Ellison is also calling for a public jobs bill to lower the unemployment rate.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann voted for a Libya resolution put forward by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-OH.

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack will hold a town hall in Walker on Wednesday.

Race for President

NPR takes a look at the Hollywoodification of presidential politics.

Rick Santorum officially enters the race today.

Sarah Palin said over the weekend that Paul Revere “warned the British” when he made his famous ride.

Palin doesn’t back off the comments and insists she didn’t mess up Revere’s history.

Tim Pawlenty will lay out his budget plan on Tuesday in Chicago.

Pawlenty could have an SCHIP problem.

The Star Tribune says Pawlenty is courting Iowans one by one.

Pawlenty focused his speech at Friday’s Faith and Freedom Conference on national defense and traditional values.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann delivered a crowd pleaser to social conservatives on Friday.

Republican Herman Cain said Bachmann’s prayer was the “ultimate pander.”

The Washington Post says conservative women are energized that Bachmann and Palin could win the nomination.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Republicans are holding the State of Minnesota hostage. It’s generous of them to offer a timeline for hostage release, but it would be better if the GOP would just release the hostage.