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Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders have a 9am meeting at the governor’s residence today to discuss the budget. I wonder if there will be any frostiness after the two sides traded barbs yesterday.

Gov. Dayton said his commissioners would not participate in a legislative hearing that was aimed to discuss his budget. He also called for an outside mediator to help reconcile their differences on the budget (video).

GOP legislative leaders ruled out the mediator and one Republican senator questioned whether the commission needed to use its subpoena power to force Dayton’s commissioners to testify (video).

Tidbit: GOP legislative leaders wouldn’t say if they’ll make a budget offer to Dayton at today’s meeting.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch says Gov. Dayton would be responsible if a a shutdown ocurred.

MPR says no budget deal could result in the state’s largest layoff.

MAPE officials say the state would be on the hook for as much as $50 million in payments to workers if a state government shutdown occurs.


MN Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Gildea appointed a five-judge panel to start the redistricting process.

Amendment to ban same-sex marriage

The Independence Party says it doesn’t support the proposed constitutional amendment.

Same-sex marriages divides the United Methodist clergy.

Vikings Stadium

Arden Hills is looking for answers on the proposed stadium.

2008 RNC

About $175,000 has been paid out in settlements of lawsuits filed by activists.


Moody’s is warning that it may downgrade the credit rating of the U.S. unless President Obama and Congress do not lift the debt ceiling in the coming weeks.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says a debt default would be “catostrophic.”

GOP Rep. Bachmann says Geithner is telling “blatant lies” over the debt ceiling.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius visited Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and DFL Sen. Al Franken team up for job training aid for vets.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen is continuing his criticism of the approval process for medical tech devices.

The feds redefine success at for-profit schools. GOP Rep. John Kline is mentioned.

Race for Senate

DFL Rep. Amy Klobuchar gets high marks in a Public Policy Polling poll. She leads all of her potential GOP challengers (including Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann) by double digits.

Race for President

Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann will be a few of the 2012 candidates who will court the evangelical vote at a conference today in Washington D.C.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann says she’ll attend a debate in New Hampshire on June 13.

Bachmann also took a shot at Pawlenty during an appearance on the Laura Ingraham show.

Mitt Romney officially jumped into the race but others tried to steal his thunder.

AP says Romney miscast the economy in his remarks.

Tim Pawlenty gets a bump in the latest PPP poll.

The Club For Growth gives Herman Cain a positive review.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    I’ve argued with a friend since almost the beginning of the legislative session. I say that, behind their session-long “my way or the highway” positioning, Koch, Zellers and the Republicans have been cleverly crafting a persuasive end game they will spring on us at the last moment. My friend says they’re just stupid. I have to admit I’m starting to lean toward my friend’s argument.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Speaking of stupid, Bachmann’s “blatant lies” remark suggests her ignorance of capital markets matches that of dim-bulb Pawlenty, who last year suggested he would have let AIG fail in 2008, thus collapsing world financial markets in a single stroke. Is Minnesota attempting to corner the market on clueless politicians?

  • John O.

    Dear Ralph: Yes. And “we” are the ones responsible.