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The state of Minnesota is starting to prepare for a state government shutdown. Lay-off notices will start going out to 800 law enforcement personnel today. Another 35,000 lay-off notices will be sent on June 10.

The Department of Administration is also warning state contractors that payments will be suspended if a shutdown occurs on July 1.

Tidbit: Gov. Dayton has not met privately with GOP legislative leaders in 10 days. The last time they met as a group was on May 22.

GOP legislative leaders have also revised the Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy. The first meeting will be on Thursday.

Tidbit: Expect GOP legislative leaders to use the meetings as their bully pulpit on the budget impasse.

KSTP reports that Minnesota overpaid millions in child care payments.


The Twin Cities leads major cities in home prices drop.

Vikings Stadium

An analyst says Ramsey County can afford the Vikings stadium.


House GOP lawmakers will meet with President Obama today to discuss borrowing and the federal deficit.

The House defeated a measure that would lift the debt ceiling. The move was expected. Every Republican and DFL Rep. Collin Peterson voted against the measure. Democrats Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum voted to lift it. DFL Rep. Tim Walz was absent but his spokeswoman says he would have voted for it.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan was in St. Paul on Tuesday. He called for faster work on a fix to No Child Left Behind.

The House Appropriations Committee voted to make cuts to farm subsidies.

Race for President

AP says there is plenty of hoopla and hype surrounding the unsettled field.

Tim Pawlenty announced this morning that he’ll attend a debate in New Hampshire on June 13.

Pawlenty campaigns in Iowa again today. He campaigned in Iowa on Tuesday and had a “few hiccups” according to the Des Moines Register.

Ohio’s Auditor endorsed Pawlenty.

Politico says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann believes there is room for two Minnesotans in the race.

Bachmann made similar comments regarding Sarah Palin.

Bachmann rallied support in New Hampshire over the weekend.

Bachmann believes Mitt Romney is the front-runner.

Sarah Palin met with Donald Trump on Tuesday.

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