Taxpayers League weighs in on budget impasse

The Taxpayers League of Minnesota unveiled a media advertising campaign today that it hopes will influence the ongoing budget debate between DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislators.

A television ad titled “Enough is Enough” takes the side of Republicans who want to hold down state spending for the next two years. It also criticizes Dayton for proposing an income tax increase on top earners.

“Legislators passed a balanced budget that increases spending by 12 percent,” the ad said. “Gov. Dayton doesn’t want to compromise. He wants higher taxes and billions more in state spending.”

Phil Krinkie, the league’s president, said the ad is currently running on cable television. He would not say how much air time his organization planned to buy.

During a news conference, Krinkie also floated an idea for a possible budget compromise. He said Republicans could increase their spending proposal by $500 million by tapping into excess state Legacy funds.

“If that’s what it takes in order to get a budget resolution and prevent a government shutdown, I would say yes,” Krinkie said.

  • danno

    Stick to your guns Governor Dayton. The Taxpayers league had had too many Republicans in its pockets for too long. When government services dry up, people can decide what it’s worth to make the Taxpayers League pay as much as everybody else.

  • Bill Gschwind

    It is refreshing to see a pro-taxpayer response to the shameless DFL ad and I commend the Taxpayer League for airing this ad.

    The DFL asks about “Minnesota Values” when the Republicans hold the line on state spending. Apparently, the DFL believes that “Minnesota Values” includes the right of one citizen who wants stuff belonging to another citizen simply taking it, and using the government as the thief.

    My Minnesota Values do not support income redistribution in any way, shape, or form. A basic safety net for those incapable of providing for themselves is a Minnesota Value; working hard to pay your own way and your fair share is a Minnesota Value.

    The Taxpayer League is right; raising taxes on the minority so that the majority can live large is not a Minnesota Value and I support the ad and the efforts.