Republicans react to Dayton shutdown petition

GOP news conference from tommy scheck on Vimeo.

Republican leaders in the House and Senate say Gov. Mark Dayton’s request to keep some state services running in case of a government shutdown is a political document.

Dayton asked a judge today to preserve critical services during a shutdown, such as like state prisons, security hospitals, the state patrol and assistance for low income people. During a news conference, House Majority Leader Matt Dean, R-Dellwood, said he was disappointed that construction projects, some health care funding and payments to schools would not continue under Dayton’s plan.

“He’s proposing not paying schools,” Dean said. “Health care, he’s proposing not paying providers. Transportation. He’s proposing that we don’t pay for projects. In 2005, Gov. Pawlenty said these were essential services and we need to keep paying these folks. Obviously this is politics. It’s unforgivable and we need to prevent it.”

Republicans also criticized Dayton for what they viewed as putting more time into shutdown planning than trying to resolve the budget stalemate. The two sides were scheduled to hold a private meeting on the budget this afternoon.

  • Eric

    This is proof positive that the Governor’s strategy all along has been to go to government shutdown and to make it as painful as possible. What other explination is there for why he would break with precident and the current AG’s position to use 2005 and 2001 as a guide.

  • danno

    Well Eric. I will be unemployed in a shutdown and am looking forward to it. But, having a shutdown that is long term bearable just means it will run for the long term. To encourage the opposition to stop speaking with forked tongues and start speaking in real world solutions, the shutdown has to be as painful as possible. The more painful, the shorter the shutdown. The governor is limiting his request to needs that are actually critical rather than desireable. I have no problem with that.

  • UnraveledPoet

    So, the “Republicans also criticized Dayton for what they viewed as putting more time into shutdown planning than trying to resolve the budget stalemate.” ? Really? How long have they been at this? Haven’t both sides had 6 months already to try and figure this crisis out? I feel as if that would be an ample amount of time to come together with an outline of a budget plan.. Now, with the government shutdown looming on July 1st, Dayton sends out an outline of which things should be kept running on June 15th. I would say that’s actually cutting it pretty close to the deadline.. it’s probably a good thing this plan is out- perhaps more people will feel moved to do something about it and push aside the various social/previous governor/etc. biases they have and come together to work this thing out for the better of everyone.