Poll: Pawlenty favored among evangelical leaders

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty leads the GOP presidential pack when it comes to approval among evangelical leaders, according to a recent poll.

The monthly survey, conducted by the National Association of Evangelicals, shows that 45 percent of the nation’s evangelical leaders favor Pawlenty over other candidates, including Mitt Romney, who’s preferred by 14 percent of the group’s members.

About 22 percent of those surveyed were undecided.

The group’s president, Leith Anderson, is senior pastor at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minn., where Pawlenty attends church.

Here’s what Anderson had to say about the poll:

“Pawlenty leads the list of Republican candidates for our evangelical leaders which might be expected since he is so often identified as an evangelical. Although, like the rest of the nation, there are still many undecided. With more than a year before the national nominating conventions, a lot can change.”

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