People’s House? Not on July 1

The Minnesota State Capitol will close its doors to the public if a state shutdown occurs.

Minnesota Management and Budget says the State Capitol, the Administration building and the State Office Building will be closed to the public.

Access to all Capitol Complex buildings will be limited to court-approved, critical services employees using their state-issued I.D. badge.

All tunnels throughout the Capitol Complex will be closed with exception of Admin tunnel to Capitol. No state employees providing critical services will have access to any tunnel other than the Admin tunnel.

I.D. badges must be prominently displayed at all times. Building occupants not displaying I.D. badges will be subject to challenge by Capitol Security personnel.

Non-state personnel/general public having business or attending an open meeting in either the Capitol Building or the State Office Building will be screened by uniformed staff for admission at a single ground level entrance at each building:

• Capitol Building – Northwest Entrance adjacent to Parking Lot N

State Office Building – South Entrance opposite the Transportation Building

Capitol Security is also telling Capitol reporters that they need to have their press badges to get into the building to cover budget talks.

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