Pawlenty to lay out budget plan next week

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is scheduled to deliver a plan on the federal budget next Tuesday in Chicago. An aide to Pawlenty says the former governor will give a major policy address to promote economic growth and control spending.

“The governor’s speech will offer a specific plan for boosting the economy and creating jobs,” the aide said. “His speech will include a plan to balance the federal budget, overhaul the federal tax code, reduce regulation, and increase American innovation and investment.”

Pawlenty has been saying for months that he would provide more details of his plan to reduce the federal budget deficit. He has suggested that he would introduce “payment reforms to Medicare” and would “means-test Social Security” so wealthier Americans don’t continue to receive the same cost of living increases as others.

  • Vance Johnson

    What would he know about balancing the federal budget? He drained us here in Minnesota, and now we’re trying to dig out.