On second thought, Dayton says provider payments “essential”

Gov. Mark Dayton announced today that he’ll make a supplemental court filing to include payments to health care providers in the list of critical services that he thinks should continue during a shutdown. He’ll also ask the court to allow newly eligible individuals to enroll in health and economic assistance programs.

Dayton’s original filing last week noted that benefits to individuals in those programs are critical, but it did not include provider payments necessary to support the services.

“After consultation with seniors and other vulnerable Minnesotans served by our programs, we recognize the lack of assured provider payments could indeed lead to life threatening situations,” Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson wrote in a news release. “The Governor’s legal filing and contingency plans will be refined to reflect this.”

The programs covered by Dayton’s announcement include Medicaid (Medical Assistance), MFIP/DWP, General Assistance, Minnesota Supplemental Aid, Refugee Cash Assistance, Group Residential Housing, MinnesotaCare, Food Support, Minnesota Food Assistance Program, and Adoption Assistance.

  • albert nyamari

    I’m a small business onwer ,i provide transportation services to elderly and disabled to move around to their appointment daily,but if the shutdown comes i do not know how iam going to operate. To operate four vehicles every day its a hard task without pay.since mid may i have not received any payment to-date.


    albert nyamari

    Ps:Please lawmakers try to strike any deal,inorder to put this thing behind.