Koch won’t take pay if government shuts down

From MPR’s Rupa Shenoy:

GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch is the latest leader in state government to say she won’t take a salary during a potential state government shutdown.

Koch announced via her spokesman, Michael Brodkorb, that she won’t accept pay if government shuts down on July 1.

He says senators only get paid once a month — and those choosing to take a salary during a state government shutdown will receive paychecks in July, but not afterward.

Brodkorb says senators are making individual decisions about whether to get paid but said Koch won’t take any pay.

“She’s not going to take any legislative salary or per diem if there is a shutdown,” Brodkorb said. “She’s had the option to take per diem since the end of session and she hasn’t. And she’s not going to be taking any legislative compensation if there is a shutdown.”

Brodkorb says Senate staff will paid through July 8 in the event of a shutdown but a majority of the staff will be furloughed after that.

Gov. Dayton issued a statement earlier today saying he thinks “it would be terribly wrong” for himself and Republicans to get paid while state employees go without paychecks.

Dayton and GOP legislative leaders are still at an impasse over the best way to craft a two-year budget. State government will shut down if they don’t reach a budget deal by July 1.

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