House votes down Libya authorization

WASHINGTON – The U.S. House of Representatives has voted down a resolution that would have given President Obama authorization to continue military operations in Libya.

The measure drew just 123 votes in favor, including DFL Reps. Keith Ellison, Betty McCollum and Tim Walz.

In a rebuke to President Obama, 70 Democrats, including Minnesota’s Collin Peterson, crossed the aisle to join 225 Republicans opposed to authorizing the Libya mission. All four Minnesota Republicans voted against the resolution.

There’s another vote coming soon on whether or not to cut off funding for combat operations associated with the Libya mission. That measure is expected to pass and we’ll post again with the vote breakdown and reactions from lawmakers.

Today’s votes have mostly symbolic significance as the Democrat-controlled Senate is unlikely to take up the House bills.

  • Terry Lee Hoppenrath

    Dear Public Radio;

    I just read that the House has just voted against continued involvement in Libya on the grounds that President Obama did not get permission from Congress first. Why isn’t anyone bringing this same question up with regard to Iraq/Afganistan? As I recall President Bush didn’t get permission to go into that conflict and to my knowledge there was never any Declaration of War declared by Congress at time either. When are the Democrats going to start using the same tactics as the Republicans. I hope someone brings this up and doesn’t just let it lie. I am a Democrat and I am tired of seeing the Democrats lay down and not doing anything when the Republican pull something like this. Put pride back into being a Liberal. I don’t agree with any of these wars, and it seems to me that if they are going to argue this way for Libya the same rules should apply to Iraq/Afganistan.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Terry Lee Hoppenrath, Citizen

    5th Congressional District of Minnesota

  • ABO

    Mr. Terry Lee Hoppenrath, Citizen

    Conress did vote to go into those 2 nations however misguided it is now Bush did play by the rules on those and if you look at the vote on them Hilary Clinton voted to attack both nations. Where is the anti-war people now. Oh thats right its a democrat playing God so it must be okay. And he had the stones to say Libya is not a war well those dead kids would argue that if they were still alive. Obama lies soliders die!

  • ABO anybody but Obama

    Congress did vote on those 2 wars. Your girl Hilary voted to put the troops in baby. So even though he is a fool Bush played by the rules its your guy Obama saying this isn’t a war well there are dead children U S planes have killed that would argue otherwise if they were alive. Obama lies children die! Wheres the anti war crowd now?