GOP moves on priorities but not on overall target

GOP Releases budget offer:

Dayton reacts to offer:

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Republican leaders in the Minnesota Legislature say they’ve offered a compromise budget plan to Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, but there’s still no agreement to head off a possible state government shutdown.

Republicans say they’re willing to spend more money on K12 schools, public safety and the courts. But they don’t want to increase the size of their overall budget. That means Republicans would be forced to make cuts in other areas. Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers says he hopes their proposal will help end the budget impasse.

“This is what we would consider a major compromise,” Zellers said. “A significant move for us when it comes to nearly 50 percent of the budget now being agreed to by us, by our membership.”

Governor Dayton says he’s slightly more optimistic that a budget deal can be reached but says Republicans still need to come up with more revenue, like tax increases, to meet his demands.

“It’s going to be a question of whether they’re really willing to reach out on the revenue side as well as on the spending side,” Dayton said. “If they are, then I’m willing to reach out on the spending reduction side but I really need to see evidence in a midpoint number that they are willing to commit to or agree to.”

The two sides have until July first to reach a budget deal or state government will shutdown.

You can read the GOP letter to Dayton here:


GOP leaders take questions from reporters:

Dayton takes questions from reporters:

  • danno

    How does offering to stand still amount to meeting somebody halfway to anywhere. Although from Dayton’s perspective, I guess if he went to the Republican position, he would be halfway to that very hot spot where snowballs have no chance.

  • dylan

    It makes me worry about our government when they are willing to risk 35,000 minnesotans losing wages and struggling to make payments just to protect the richest 2%’s wealth. To me, it really goes to show that they are not on the side of the working class… Additionally, most polls are showing that Dayton’s plan is supported, GOP may feel the effects of this in the next election if this is kept up.

  • Timothy

    The GOP must not understand the definition of “halfway” or “compromise”. Shifting $110 million around, without raising the overall budget number, is a completely hallow and empty gesture. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt, and if you look at the Star Tribune’s headline that says “GOP moves $110 million closer,” this unfortunately worked.

    A shutdown will be averted if both sides agree to spending cuts AND revenue raising. This, as polling suggest, is what Minnesotans want. While Dayton has offered real compromise, the GOP has not budged since January on the idea of “all cuts” solution.

    In real negotiations, two parties must made difficult decisions…If the GOP stubbornly stay on this idea of “not a penny more” in new revenue, …there will, and should, be a shutdown.