Gildea appoints redistricting panel

Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Lorie Gildea has appointed a panel of five judges to begin hearing challenges over the process to redraw congressional and legislative district boundaries using 2010 census data.

You can read the full story here.

The five-judge panel will draw the lines if DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP legislative leaders can’t reach an agreement on a plan by Feb. 21.

Gildea appointed Wilhelmina Wright as the presiding judge. Judges Ivy Bernhardson, James Florey, Edward Lynch and John Rodenberg were also named to the panel.

The group was appointed by several former governors. Here are the judges on the panel and which governor appointed them.

Wilhelmina Wright was appointed by Gov. Jesse Ventura (Independence Party)

Ivy Bernhardson was appointed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty (Republican)

James Florey was appointed by Gov. Arne Carlson (Republican)

Edward Lynch was appointed by Gov. Rudy Perpich (DFL)

John Rodenberg was appointed by Gov. Ventura (IP)

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