Dayton calls GOP offer a “non-proposal” and disappointing

Gov. Dayton quickly dismissed a GOP budget offer that was given to him this afternoon. The plan eliminates the tax cuts in their budget and dedicates that money to state services like K12 schools, the environment, public safety and higher education. The proposal doesn’t rely on new revenue which Dayton said was a “disappointment.”

Dayton he was expecting a “major offer” from Republicans and said this wasn’t it.

“it’s just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic,” Dayton said. “They’re just keep us headed to the iceberg that is the July first shutdown and their not willing to deviate one inch from their course and it just doesn’t add up.”

Dayton said he needed to think about it when asked what the next step in how he’ll proceed with budget negotiations.

The two sides are at odds over the best way to balance the state’s two year budget. Dayton wants to raise income taxes on Minnesota’s top earners to erase the $5 billiion projected budget deficit. Republicans say they would prefer to erase the deficit through spending cuts.

State government will shut down on July 1 if two sides fail to reach a budget deal.

  • danno

    The Minnesota Republicans are insulting in their assumption that the rest of us are as stupid as they are. They will not budge until there is a shutdown and enough constituents scream so they finally realize that they are leaving office at the next election. They should still be unelected (a little play on unallotted, since they like that word) because of their adamant adhesion to an asinine (something that starts with a to keep the alliteration going). I am thinking that fat Amy and Chubby Cellars are not highly educated; that might explain why they are against funding education, among a lot of other things. I agree with the governor–a shutdown is better than a Republican budget.

  • Mark Mathias

    It figures Dayton thinks raising taxes on the job creators is the answer to more Govt welfare. CA has 3,000 high income people leave the state every week to places like NV that have no income tax. SD & ND are more tax friendly than MN and now Dayton wants to widen the gap? This multi-generational silver spoon needs to understand that capital goes where it is treated best. $34 Billion is an increase over the prior period and people need to start taking care of themselves and stop relying on the taxpayer. The Republicans are right not to give in to this progressive liberal.