Dayton and GOP leaders to meet for 3rd straight day

Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders are planning to meet behind closed doors Sunday afternoon for a third straight day of budget talks. The two sides met privately for nearly eight hours on Saturday (Read a write-thru of the story here). Dayton and GOP legislative leaders are trying to break an impasse over a two year budget plan. The two sides also agreed to keep the talks private and it’s unclear if they’re any closer to reaching a budget deal.

“Our agreement that we would not discuss any of the details of our discussions is really crucial to our ability to build the trust necessary to really exchange candid ideas and talk things over,” Dayton said. “There’s a purpose for this reticence to talk about details because it’s serving, in my view very constructively, the intent that we all have.”

Dayton and the Republican-controlled Legislature must reach a budget deal by Friday or state government would shut down on that day if they fail to resolve their differences.

  • Christopher Bell

    even if they reach a deal, it may not be so easy to get a sufficient number of Democrats and Republicans to pass the brokered agreement.

  • Cory

    All polls of Minnesota voters favor a balanced approach to solving the MN State’s budget impasse. With budget cuts and some increase in taxes on the wealthiest 2%. But our Republican controlled House and Senate have ignored the majority of their own constituents by continuing to protect the wealthy at all costs. A shutdown of State Government for 1 month is projected to cost the State of Minnesota over 2 billion dollars and push our State into another recession thus erasing 2+ years of growth from the 2008 recession. And guess who doesn’t suffer? We bailed out the wealthy from their mess. It’s time for them to ante up. School teachers didn’t cause this economic situation. It was greed from the highest levels of our financial institutions. And yet the Republicans continue to protect them. And now we have to listen to people like Michele Bachmann who say “it is school teachers and Labor Unions” that are the enemy. Really? This madness has to stop! The one who can lead the Republican Party out of right wing extremism and back more towards the middle where us “sane people” live will be the party’s savior.

    The greatest difference between the “I like Ike” generation of the late 50s which Middle America seems to long for, and today is the widening disparity of wealth between the rich and middle class. The wealthy and its control over policy makers nearly sank our and the whole worlds economy. We need to take back our country. When 2% control 98%? Well, history doesn’t paint of good picture for this scenario.

  • Cory Johnson

    I would be shocked if a compromise deal between Dayton and Rep speakers did not pass both houses. The political damage of a shutdown is far too great to be making lone stands on any compromised deal. This would be very damaging to Republicans who are up first in 2012 elections. Failure will make voting decisions much easier. A shutdown is estimated to cost MN $2 billion a month and erase any gains from the 2008 recession and of course cause a 2nd Statewide recession. But this time (like 2nd concussion syndrome) much worst than 2008. We just can’t afford to have any of the players leading us in our future if they indeed fail.

  • cynthia schanno

    When discussing our State and Local economic shortfalls, the clichés are getting old… very old! The “rich”, the “working class”, and the “them against us” mentality is an over simplification of defining how as a State we got here and how we are going to get out. The State got in this dilemma because of lost tax revenue and OVER SPENT, period!

    Revenues went down because of the economy and neither the State nor the local municipalities reduced their spending. In fact, despite the loss of revenue they continued to spend and increase their budgets which in turn created the large deficits we are now facing. Revenue went down but spending went up. It is that simple and it is sinful as this undisciplined government behavior hurts EACH AND EVERYONE OF US in the long term.

    The private sector on the other hand, had no choice we the People and the businesses in our communities and throughout the State immediately stopped spending when revenue and incomes went down. We had to, the revenue and incomes we simply no longer there! We all sacrificed, reprioritized, and found ways to do more with less. The government municipalities need to do the same. It is simple economics and it is the way of the world now.

    Our economic prosperity is rooted in the foundation of the private sector which is supported by those individuals that created wealth over time. This wealth is the by-product of those individuals that took great risks to get where they are today; they worked long hours, scarified family and personal time, and they were fiscally disciplined and accountable over many years, all the while paying taxes along the way.

    Seems to me it is not about the working class against the wealthy; but in fact, it is about government against people. Our elected official need to do their jobs, live within their means, adjust accordingly, and quit creating division among our citizens. We are all in this economic spiral together and together we must get out of it.

    The private sector (including both the working class and the wealthy) is doing their part now it is time for the government representatives to do theirs and they need to stop passing the buck to someone else like the recent round of running to the courts!

    Governor Dayton was elected to lead the State and he needs to respect the work of our currently elected legislative bodies (whether we like their work or not) and pass this budget. If we don’t like the outcome, the next election is right around the corner…

  • patrick gieseke

    Well everone is going back and forth saying why the state is in such bad shape.Did we all forget the Governor we had for 8 years.This is what he has left.So let look at the big picture he did nithing to help the state out except borrow and bonding and now we are paying for it.Now Mr Pawlenty is telling the Country that he left Minnesota in great shape.Lets look at the whole truth then judge.