Business groups target Dayton on budget

A coalition of business groups, including the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the Minnesota Business Partnership, the Minnesota Bankers Association and the Minnesota Retailers Association, started running an ad criticizing Governor Dayton for his plan to increase income taxes on Minnesota’s top earners to balance the state’s budget. The ad praises the GOP controlled Legislature of its budget plan and calls on Dayton to “Don’t Shut Down State Government.”

“State governments across the country are holding the line on taxes and spending,” Minnesota Business Partnership executive director Charlie Weaver said in a news release.. “If Minnesota is going to compete for jobs and grow our economy we must do the same. The responsible budget passed by the Legislature represents a 6% increase in spending. In these challenging times, state government should be able to live with a 6% increase.”

The ad is the latest commercial released on the state budget impasse. The state employee unions, the DFL leaning The Alliance for a Better Minnesota and the GOP leaning The Taxpayer League have also run ads.

Here’s the ad:

  • danno

    Do we know the political contribution records of the participating business groups? One thing I have observed, Republicans from Amy koch on up, know how to play the Big Lie. I did not watch the ad and will not, the information on the screen picture is enough to infer that something starting off so poorly as far as being factual has no credible place to go.