Bachmann to travel to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina

WASHINGTON – After announcing that she planned to run on live TV during the CNN debate in New Hampshire last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann will “formally” kick off her campaign this Monday in Iowa.

She’ll make the announcement at a historic mansion in Waterloo, where she was born. The campaign schedule doesn’t include any more events on Monday, though Bachmann will presumably stop at diners like every other candidate has.

On Tuesday, she’ll hold an event in New Hampshire that’s intriguingly titled “Backyard Chat.” The campaign warns that this is in a private residence so an RSVP is required.

Later that day, Bachmann will travel to South Carolina for a series of meet ‘n’ greets across the state that will continue into Wednesday. That evening, she’ll hold what’s being billed as a “National Town Hall” at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC.

The interesting tidbit to note here is how much more time Bachmann is spending in South Carolina compared to New Hampshire.

As I noted earlier today, Bachmann’s political action committee was already hiring staff in the Palmetto State even before her announcement but there were no signs of any significant early investment in New Hampshire.

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