Bachmann, Pawlenty court conservative bloggers at Minneapolis convention

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Minnesota’s two presidential candidates spoke Saturday at the national RightOnline convention in Minneapolis, with both former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann calling for deep cuts in government spending. Pawlenty, who spoke Saturday afternoon, touted his tax cutting credentials as Minnesota governor.

“We’ve got to have people who we send to Washington, DC and state capitols and local units of government who have the strength and the fortitude and convictions to draw lines in the stand and stand behind it and say no more.”

Pawlenty also promoted his ‘tell the truth’ campaign theme.

“We have to go to places like Iowa and say there’s no more sacred cows any more, we’re going to phase out the ethanol subsidies. We have to look the American people in the eye without scaring them, without freaking them out, but putting reasonable solutions on the table to real challenges and that’s why we got to go to places like Florida and tell seniors and young people what it’s really going to take to fix Social Security.”

Earlier in the day Bachmann rallied convention goers, railing against government spending, the Democratic-led health care overhaul and President Barack Obama.

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  • TickDad

    But Pawlenty didn’t balance the budget for Minnesota as he claimed. He pushed payments off to the next biennium (for the next Governor and Legislature to deal with) and yes the Democratic Legislature went along with it. It reminds me of Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons. He will gladly have you provide the services (teaching, school administration, health services, etc.) for the payments to be made in the next biennium. Exactly how did he draw a line and stand behind that conviction?

    He appears to have trouble understanding the differnce between a tax and a “Health Impact Fee.” It doesn’t matter what you want to call it, it was still a tax that went to the General Fund. How many other “fees” go to the General Fund?

    Pander On, Timmy, Pander On.

  • danno

    They both remind me of the bull in Temple of Doom. They are still standing because they haven’t had time to realize that they are dead.