Bachmann and Paulsen vote for Kucinich Libya resolution

Minnesota’s Republicans in Congress were divided on the question of whether the United States should immediately halt military operations in Libya.

The resolution put forward by Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, would have given President Obama 15 days to end U.S. participation in the NATO mission in Libya.

While it failed, 148-265, both Reps. Michele Bachmann and Erik Paulsen supported the measure. All six other members of the Minnesota delegation opposed it.

A competing resolution by House Speaker John Boehner that bans the introduction of U.S. ground forces in Libya and chides the President for not asking Congress for authorization passed the House 268-145.

Of the Minnesota delegation, only DFL Reps. Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum opposed the Boehner resolution.

  • Rachel

    I know I will be taking a very close look at the nays list and then “they” will go on my list of folks who gotta go! These people are playing the fence. They don’t want to commit just incase Obama’s right about the war but they want to make a big stink all the same just in case he is wrong then they can blame him and still come out smelling like roses – cowards! Kucinich is the only one that took the lead and was willing to stand by his morals… the rest of the pack can only enjoy the view.