Ad war starts over state budget

The union backed The Alliance for a Better Minnesota announced today that the group will run ads targeting 12 GOP lawmakers. ABM says it plans to run cable, radio and intenet ads in the 12 districts with the hopes of convincing those lawmakers to agree to Gov. Dayton’s budget plan. The group is targeting lawmakers who either won in districts that have a DFL index or lawmakers who narrowly won in the 2010 election cycle.

The targets are Senator John Pederson (SD15), Senator Jeremy Miller (SD31), Senator Al DeKruif (SD25), Senator John Carlson (SD4), Senator Ben Kruse (SD47), Senator Ted Lillie (SD56), Representative King Banaian (HD15B), Representative Greg Davids (HD31B), Representative Carolyn McElfatrick (HD3B), Representative Kelby Woodard (HD25B), Representative Rich Murray (HD27A) and Representative David Hancock (HD2B).

The Coalition of MN Businesses is also running newspaper ads thanking GOP lawmakers for holding the line on state spending. The group, backed by the MN Chamber of Commerce, the Minnesota Business Partnership and ten other business groups, is running the ads in newspapers across the state.

  • Dev Lopper

    Indeed, these budget talks are about the moral decisions that we need to make about where we want to spend our money. I, for one, find it a lot easier to give money to the government and have them spend it on the needy than going out by myself and helping them.

    The government has been so helpfull separting us as humans from each other and we really need to continue to fund that. God forbid we get to a point where we personally have to look after one another.