Zellers: Votes are there for same sex marriage amendment

Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers says he thinks Republicans have the votes to pass a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage. Zellers wouldn’t say on TPT’s Almanac program if the measure will be brought up this session. Several Republicans have suggested it’s unwise to consider the amendment since the Legislature has not yet reached a budget deal with Governor Dayton. Zellers says the amendment would pass if brought up for a vote.

“We’ve had some motions on the floor to rerefer it back to committee and they’ve been defeated.” Zellers said. “All along, we’ve been talking about getting our budget done first. Our budget is now, literally, some of the carts are going down the hall to the governor’s office right now so there are the votes. We’re not focusing on that we’re focusing on the budget.”

The House action would be the final step before the amendment is placed on the 2012 ballot. If a majority of those voting in the 2012 election vote in favor of the amendment, the constitution would define marriage as between one man and one woman. Critics of the plan say the measure is divisive and say state law already bans same sex marriage.

  • Cherise Robb

    I strongly support allowing the people of MN to vote on whether our state should recognize same-sex marriage. All this bill does is give Minnesotans the right to decide themselves on the ballot. I see nothing wrong with that and have been waiting for that opportunity. I’m tired of the court making those decisions for us. Let the people vote!.

  • Jesse Watkins

    Problem with allowing the voting public to decide constitutional issues is that the voting public generally is not enlightened enough to do constitutional change. The ramifications are extensive. Many voters I encounter don’t even understand the budget deficit issue we are facing.

  • Derek

    It’s already illegal, this does nothing to make it MORE illegal. Get on with important business, like fixing the budget. This is a pointless waste of taxpayers money.