Vikings meet with LA developers

Well, that didn’t take long.

Just a day after the Legislature adjourned without a stadium deal for the Vikings, team officials were meeting with representatives from AEG, the Los Angeles outfit that’s proposed Farmer’s Field in L.A.

They were spotted at a downtown Minneapolis hotel. It wasn’t what you think, says Vikings vice president Lester Bagley.

The meeting was with former Timbervolves VP, and now AEG CEO Tim Leiweke. His company runs the Target Center, as well as a host of other venues. The company developed LA Live, a 4 million square foot, $2.5 billion dollar downtown LA sports and entertainment complex.

“The discussion about Los Angeles was about LA Live, that sports entertainment model that they created there,” Bagley said of the meeting. “We’re trying to re-create that type of energy at the Arden Hills development if we can.”

Bagley said AEG might well be a candidate to do that in Arden Hills themselves — bringing LA to the Vikings, as it were, rather than the other way around.

But AEG is also the developer behind Farmers Field, a proposed NFL venue in Los Angeles. The insurance company has reportedly offered $1 billion in naming fees if AEG can bring a pair of NFL teams to the stadium.

Bagley said that the Vikings aren’t looking to sunnier climes, despite the lack of action on the deal the team struck with Ramsey County. He says he’s still confident Minnesota lawmakers will address the Vikings situation once the budget battle is settled.

  • Zizibug

    The AEG stadium idea for downtown LA is messed up. I’d much rather see the new stadium in LA built in the City of Industry where it’s not in the middle of all that traffic congestion plus it would be more centrally located and scenic if it was in the City of Industy.

  • lafootballski

    We love what has happened to the downtown area. The best area for a stadium is downtown. It will only enhance the revitalization of the area.

    When I moved to LA in 1994 the wasn’t much reason to go there. Now we have lots of options there. It brings a bigger sence of community by bringing everything closer to a center.

    Great vision AEG. Looking forward to football back in LA someday.

    By the way, I drive past that area on Sundays and there is never a traffic issue, so the traffic will be heavy, but it’s not being added to much current traffic. Traffic would be heavy in the City of Industry too. Look at the traffic in Fontana after a NASCAR race.

  • bt

    “and scenic if it was in the City of Industry”

    That first post has got to be a total troll. City of Industry is the least scenic place that can be imagined.

    What a laugh.

  • Lafan

    LA stadium is the best place for La fans. Industry is a dump, with warehouses and adult stores. I would rather drive to LA and spend whole day there.

  • MrTemecula

    @Zizibug: You must be a marketing plant working for the City of Industry developer since every LA Farmer stadium article has a rebuttal comment like yours. There’s nothing scenic about the city of INDUSTRY. There’s nothing to do there. I live in Los Angeles and have been to Industry. It’s an industrial dump. That’s why it’s called the City of Industry. And it’s not centrally located in Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles is centrally located in Los Angeles.

  • Jim Thynne

    I have been to the site of the new Los Angeles Stadium. It is not in the City of Industry, but in the Diamond Bar area. It has 3 freeway intersections within a mile,and if the Vikings move there it would be a good second choice. I believe that the Vikings will stay put unless the State of Minnesota dumps them.