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Gov. Dayton and DFL legislative leaders will do a statewide fly around today. The governor’s office says the trip is being financed by campaign funds. They are chartering a plane instead of using the state plane.

Dayton and the GOP continued to engage in their war of words on Wednesday. Dayton continued to be aggressive in his criticism of first-term lawmakers as being ‘extreme.” Eight GOP senators said the criticism was unfair.

Dayton’s commissioners are turning their attention to shutdown planning.

Dayton also symbolically vetoed the constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage. The measure still goes on the 2012 ballot.

Dayton appeared on MPR’s Morning Edition on Wednesday morning. Listen to the interview here.

The specter of the shutdown looms over government workers.

The Star Tribune says the GOP budget would slash drug treatment in prisons.

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota started running ads to support Dayton’s tax plan.

The MNGOP will hold a news conference today to launch a new website “highlighting the Governor’s lack of leadership in his approach to budget negotiations.”


Dayton vetoed the abortion bills.


Dayton will apply for the next round of the Race to the Top education grants.

Vikings Stadium

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman proposed a statewide drink tax to deal with the stadium issues. The proposal was panned by the Vikings, Timberwolves, the Vikings and Ramsey County.


FEMA inspectors will begin a storm damage assessment today in north Minneapolis.

The tornado complicates north Minneapolis’ foreclosures.


Senate Republican stuck together on cuts to Medicare.

The plan failed.

Lawmakers question whether President Obama is adhering to the war powers resolution in Libya.

Only 11 donors gave to Norm Coleman’s American Action Network. But it still raised a lot of money. The smallest contribution was $25,000.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan will visit St. Paul on Tuesday to visit Dayton’s Bluff Elementary.

DFL Sen. Al Franken asks Apple and Google to require app privacy policies.

Franken is also calling on President Obama to make a recess appointment. He wants Obama to appoint Elizabeth Warren to The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Minnesota members offered a lot of amendments to the Defense bill.

Race for Congress

Duluth City Council member Jeff Anderson announced he’s running for Congress in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District.

Race for Legislature

Eagan Mayor Mike McGuire, a Democrat, will challenge state Sen. Ted Daley, R-Eagan, in 2012.

Race for President

The PoliGraph says Tim Pawlenty’s claims on ethanol are misleading.

Pawlenty speaks in New Hampshire today.

Pawlenty spoke at the Cato Institute in Washington D.C.

Pawlenty says there are no sacred cows but later says he won’t cut defense.

Pawlenty treads carefully on Paul Ryan’s budget. He says he plans to release his own plan for Medicare.

Unions criticize Pawlenty for targeting the federal workforce.

The Washington Post says Pawlenty’s charges against Obama are “a pretty weak brew.”

Pawlenty will be on ABC’s This Week on Sunday.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will speak in Iowa today.

MPR says Bachmann and Pawlenty already appeal to a lot of Iowa voters.

She aimed to raise $240 thousand in 24 hours.

Republican Herman Cain will speak in Minneapolis in June.


There won’t be a Digest until next Wednesday.

  • peter hill

    Tom, thanks to you and the whole MPR political reporting crew for the extraordinary coverage of the past couple of weeks. When I want to know what’s going on in Minnesota politics, this is the first place I look.

  • LK


  • danno

    Pawlenty must be channeling George Orwell. “There are no sacred cows, except one.” “No new taxes except some.” Next we will hear that black is white, “unless you want it to be some other color,” When you have no principles, you can promise everything to everybody. The only problem is remembering all your promises.

  • danno

    The Polygraph finding Pawlenty to be only misleading is a step in the right direction for him. I find it highly ironic that he is on a ‘truth’ tour. I assume he is just driving around looking at it, since he has no use for it. I think he finishes his favorite sentence under his breath. “I left Minnesota in the black” . . . (hole of hell with no ladder).

  • tom scheck

    Thanks for the kind comments, Peter and LK.