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The Minnesota Legislature ended the 2011 legislative session without a budget deal with Gov. Dayton. That means Dayton will have to call a special session.

Tidbit: Dayton has to act on the K12 budget bill by midnight tonight. He has to act on the other budget bills by midnight tomorrow.

The Minnesota House did not have enough time to pass the Legacy Funding bill. Democrats filibustered the bill because it changed the open meeting law requirements for the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council.

GOP legislative leaders say an alternative teacher licensure bill and a bill that streamlines permitting in Minnesota are the signature accomplishments of the session.

Democrats called it a “Do Nothing Legislature” that will be remembered for putting a same sex marriage constitutional amendment on the 2012 ballot.

Email crashed the MN Senate computer system.

Republicans are flying around the state to discuss the session.

Gov. Dayton has no public events scheduled but is expected to hold a media availability sometime today.


Minnesota cities and counties are spending more than $1 million to lobby Congress.

The U.S. deepens ties with Libyan rebels.

President Obama is on a six-day European trip.

Obama will view the tornado damaged area of Joplin, MO on Sunday.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Tim Pawlenty officially announced his bid for president.

Pawlenty holds a Facebook town hall today in Florida.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann reaches out to GOPAC.

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