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There is less than 18 hours left for the Minnesota Legislature to reach a budget deal with Gov. Dayton. It’s all but certain a special session will be called to pass a two-year budget that erases a $5 billion projected budget deficit. The key question is when Gov. Dayton decides to call lawmakers back for a special session. State government would shut down on July 1 if a budget isn’t signed into law.

GOP legislative leaders met privately with Gov. Dayton on Sunday but are no closer to reaching a budget deal.

Pessimism is growing among some lawmakers.

Tidbit: Dayton, GOP legislative leaders and other lawmakers will be on MPR’s Midday today from 11am-1pm.

A conference committee debating the merits of the Legacy Amendment funds included an amendment that says no funds will be distributed until there’s a budget agreement.

Constitutional Amendment to ban same-sex marriage

Groups started preparing for the 2012 ballot initiative that would ban same-sex marriage. Both sides expect millions to be spent on the campaign.

Democrats in the Minnesota House continue to protest the cleansing of Friday’s prayer flap.

Stand your ground bill

A gun rights group is criticizing Senate Republicans for not taking up a bill that would change when it’s legal for a person to shoot someone in self defense. A spokesman for the Senate GOP would not say if Senate Republicans are shelving the bill for the year.


Gov. Dayton, DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and DFL Rep. Keith Ellison will survey the clean up efforts in north Minneapolis today. One person is dead after a tornado struck in north Minneapolis on Sunday.

Red Bulls

Members of the Minnesota National Guard are saying good-bye to families as they prepare to head back to Iraq. Check out MPR’s series, The Red Bulls Return to War.

A sendoff was held at Fort Snelling on Sunday.



President Obama urged Israel to make hard choices but emphasized his “iron-clad support for Israel.”

Race for President

Tim Pawlenty will officially launch his campaign for president today at a town hall in Des Moines.

Pawlenty released a video on Sunday night previewing his announcement.

He also released a morning editorial in USA Today.

Politico says Mitch Daniels’ decision to not not run couldn’t come at a better time for Pawlenty.

Democrats are already criticizing Pawlenty in a web video. DFL Party Chair Ken Martin will also be in Iowa today to react to Pawlenty’s town hall.

AP says Democrats are meddling in the slow-starting GOP primary.

MinnPost writes about what GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is thinking about as she prepares to run for president.

  • danno

    All the news is not bad. We get one more crack at Pawlenty. I anticipate that he will not campaign here at all since it’s a lost cause without enough electoral votes to bother with. Too bad we won’t get to express our opinions to him personally.